Title: Newborn
Rating: PG-13(T for
Disclaimer: Twilight doesn’t belong to me. Its all Stephenie’s. Jordan Cullen is my OC.
Summary: This fic chronicles my first year as a newborn and how I went through a rebellious stage of my own. Keep in mind in this version I was changed despite not wanting to become a vampire.

Chapter 1 – The Transformation

(Bella POV)

I had been going through hell with all of the burning pain and having a constant audience. I was still resenting the fact the Cullens insisted I be changed because they feared the Volturi. It really didn’t make me feel any better that Edward was close by. True he was against my being turned but he did eventually side with his father just to keep himself alive. In truth, this made me dislike him.

The medication I was given, was starting to wear off which meant my transition was nearly complete. I kept my thoughts to myself, but was relieved that I did have one thing for me. Edward can’t read my thoughts. He never could. This led me to believe I can use it against him once I was changed. I considered leaving him once I was but had to keep this decision to myself or Alice would tell them ahead of time.

The burning began to subside and I did feel stronger now, but I was still unconscious. My thoughts went in different directions as I lay there with my eyes closed. I could hear muffled voices but nothing really clear. I couldn’t tell who it was who was talking.

I could feel the venom moving throughout my body reforming everything from veins to my organs.

As I laid there, I began to think about all I would have to say goodbye to. I knew I could no longer see Charlie or even Renee. It would be too dangerous for them. If they knew what I was becoming, the Volturi would force their transformation or they would also be killed. This made me mad to say the least. I also couldn’t see my friends anymore. This didn’t make me happy either.

Its kind of weird though. I have no idea how much time has passed, which had me slightly worried.

What truly saddned me was I would never have the chance to have children of my own. Now I got what Rosalie was getting at. Now I understood it all. She felt she was robbed of her human life both by Royce King and by Carlisle(who had changed her to save her from certain death). I was being robbed of my human life. The only difference is my own life is being robbed by the Volturi all because of their stupid rules.

The burning died down even more and I could barely feel my heart beating now. The tranformation must be nearly finished. I still didn’t move an inch. I could feel air on my legs which meant I was now wearing a dress. Alice, you will pay for that! I thought angrily. I hate wearing dresses, high heels, and all of that girly junk. I’d rather go around in a pair of blue jeans and flannel shirt any day.

My heart just stopped beating so its time to open my eyes and let them all greet the new me. Hopefully I will some time get the opportunity to get away and get on my own.


Chapter 2 – Reunion With the Cullens

(Bella POV)

I opened my eyes and saw Edward standing in the doorway with his left hand out to me. He was inviting me to join him. I sighed and checked out my new vision by looking at my hand while he stood there waiting.

“Bella.” He said as he stood there waiting for me. I looked up at him but didn’t yet move. I was still adjusting to my surroundings and was clearly not going to go to him right away. He approached me and took my hand in his. He was shocked when I quickly pulled my hand away from him. “What?”

I didn’t answer him. I knew I needed to hunt so instead I said, “It burns.” He knew I meant the burning in my throat due to my thirst so he took me outside and we went for our hunt. I managed to take down and feed on two mountain lions before we finally headed back to the house. It was time to meet up with the rest of the Cullens.

We walked inside and I forced a smile as we greeted the others.

Carlisle was the first to approach me. He quickly asked, “How are you feeling, Bella?” He seemed worried.

“I’m fine. Edward took me out for a hunt already.” I said to him. I was not about to be fully open to him about what I was really thinking.

Alice approached, saying, “That dress looks gorgeous on you, Bella.”

This I could not let go. She knew I hated dressing like this. “You will pay for the dress, Alice.” I snapped at her.

She stepped backwards in shock as well as hurt. She didn’t say a word then.

“I warned her about the dress. She wouldn’t listen to me.” Rosalie said in her usual snippy tone as she then approached me.

I nodded and said in a soft tone, “I get what you meant now, Rose. I feel the same way.”

This seemed to stun the others, but no one asked me to clarify, so it was dropped quickly.

Emmett seemed unsure whether or not he wanted to approach this new me. He did hesitantly but I stepped backward to let him know I didn’t want a hug from him. I made it known I was angry and was not going to hide it..

I noticed Jasper seemed more confident as he approached me. He could sense how I was truly feeling and it worried him. He softly whispered, “You want to talk privately?” He wasn’t too surprised when I shook my head no. I needed time and he got that.

Also noticing I needed time, Esme nodded and suggested, “Why don’t we give Bella time to adjust? I’m sure she’d like time to relax.”

I nodded quickly, but was cut off when Edward immediately spoke up saying, “Love, why don’t we go for a walk around our land”

I shook my head and said, “I’d rather stay here and relax, like your mother said.”

He wasn’t happy I refused and he immediately replied, “I just got you back. I want some alone time with you.”

“Edward, I said no.” I said. I was clearly getting angry with him for trying to force this on me. He again tried to reach for my hand but I pulled back quickly. “Don’t!” Now I couldn’t help but snap angrily at him.

Carlisle quickly stepped up. Placing a calming hand on his son’s shoulder and said to him, “Let’s give Bella some time to adjust before letting her go outside.”

I quickly asked in a soft tone, “May I sit outside on the back porch? I promise I won’t go anywhere.”

Jasper started to speak up but Rosalie cut him off, saying, “Mind if I keep you company?”

I smiled a genuine smile and nodded. “Sure. As long as its okay with Carlisle.”

Noticing I seemed now more myself, he himself nodded and smiled slightly. “Go ahead.”

We then headed outside to the back porch.


Chapter 3 – Chatting With Rosalie

(Bella POV)

We each sat down on the porch. I let Rose sit close to me. I honestly wouldn’t if it had been any of the others. I just didn’t feel close to any of them anymore. None except for my now sister.

I sighed and said, “I didn’t want this…to be a vampire.”

“I know.” Rose said with a nod. “I know how you feel.”

“How could they do this to me? Rob me of my parents. Rob me of the only life I ever knew! Rob me even of my friends!” I was now shouting. I no longer cared if they heard me.

“You have no idea how much I know how you feel, Bella. I felt the same way when Carlisle first changed me.” Rose said. I nodded, knowing this. We had talked about this once before.

“I get he changed me cuz it was either I get changed or the Volturi kill you all as well as me, but the fact is I was robbed of everybody from my human life. That isn’t right. I would of kept the secret.”

“I know you would of, Bella, but that wasn’t good enough for Aro and the rest of the Volturi. They have their rules.” Rosalie said, which got a growl out of me.

“If they know what is good for them they will not show up here demanding proof I was transformed.” I threatened, angrily as well as hurt.

“What are you saying?” She asked, clearly on alert now.

“I will kill them!” I growled and then took off into the woods. Remembering I was no longer allowed on wolf land, I took Cullen land to Canada and then even further before any of the others could be alerted. I had to get out of there. I also knew one other thing. I wasn’t coming back.

Rosalie hurried inside and informed the others I had in fact run off. By the time she had told them I was no longer even in Forks anymore. By the time I had reached Canada, Alice couldn’t even see my future anymore much to my relief.

I was finally free and I was a newborn and on the run.


Chapter 4 – Changes

(Bella POV)

I continued to run for several months. I constantly changed locations, trying not to stay anywhere for too long so I couldn’t be tracked. I needed a coven of my own so I’d have my army to fight the Volturi. I was not about to let them get away with robbing me of my family.

During my time in Mexico, I tracked down a young vampire named Jordan, who was hiding out due to her being the daughter of the Cullens. Jane had just arrived in the country so I had no choice but to take her and her caretaker(Mylin) with me as the first two members. I was immediately put at ease when I discovered Mylin is also a vampire. She can block physical powers like I can block mental ones.

We then traveled to Australia, where we met up with three more named Austin, Logan, and Daniel. I did re-enter the United States long enough to file legal separation and divorce papers. I no longer wanted to be truly tied to the Cullens. I also set Jordan up on Isle Esme with Mylin so I wouldn’t have to deal with that backlash either.

I then went back to my search for coven members.


Meanwhile back at the Cullens, the others were hurriedly preparing to leave to come search for me. They had already heard Jordan was relocated for her safety. The Volturi had tracked her down in Mexico while searching for me.

Just as they were about to leave, a personal messenger arrived carrying a manilla envelope. Edward signed for the package and then after noticing it was addressed to him, opened it. His chest grew heavy when he saw it was the separation and the divorce papers I had filed. I had used money he had given me shortly after we had gotten married.

He took the papers to his father and all grew sad when they saw my signature on them. They knew it was really from me.

They stood around discussing possible reasons why I would ever leave the family despite what Rosalie had told them. They didn’t want to believe the truth.

Rosalie shook her head and finally said, “Don’t you get it?! She didn’t want this life!”

Edward shook his head in denial. “She wanted to be with me, Rose. That isn’t true.”

“She didn’t want to be a vampire! We forced it on her!” Rosalie shot back at him angrily. “Now she has run away!”

None of them wanted to believe this truth. I didn’t.


By this time I had gathered Stefan and Vladimir who were all too willing to join us now that they knew I wasn’t going to back down from destroying the Volturi….especially Aro. They agreed to stay as long as we kept our word about the fight.

This time I wasn’t backing down.

As the months flew by, I learned to fight thanks to Vladimir. I still continued to hunt as a vegetarian vampire rather than feed off humans. I didn’t want to stop doing that despite leaving the Cullens. I had also recruited eighteen more vampires, but the biggest surprise was still to come.


Chapter 5 – Facing the Truth

(Bella POV)

We were in the middle of training one day when an unwelcome visitor approached us. I growled when I spotted him walking up to us. I met him halfway with Vladimir by my side.

We stopped when we were face to face and I promptly asked, “What are you doing here, Carlisle? You’re not welcome here.”

He sighed and said, “I wanted to thank you for saving my daughter’s life. She sent word that you had her moved to the island. Now Aro can’t touch her.” His words were soft and caring, despite my cold and angry ones. Noticing how cold I was behaving, he added, “Rosalie told us what you two talked about.”

“I would of rather died than be forced into this life, Carlisle.” I said. “Now I am planning my revenge on those who forced it.”

Carlisle looked shocked when he heard this. “You mean you are willing to fight the Volturi?” He was surprised when I nodded. He then sighed.

“Look. I have some training to finish so if you aren’t joining up, you need to leave.” I said to him.

“My family and I have decided to join you.” He said to me. He took my hand gently in his and added, “I am so sorry, Bella. I never meant for this to be so hard on you.”

“I know.” I said with a soft sigh. This time I meant it. I was ready to accept them as part of my new life once this is over. “They agreed to meet up when the snow sticks to the ground. We agreed on the clearing Rose told me about once.”

Carlisle nodded and sighed. “The family is coming this way.” He said. He noticed I had tensed up so he quickly added, “Edward is coming but he is no longer part of the family. He feels its better if he leaves so you can return home once this is over.” He saw me start to shake my head so he quickly added, “Their is a large-size mansion next door to use that was built recently on our land. You and your coven are more than welcome to live there as extended family to us…if you’d like.”

I nodded and said, “I’ll speak to my coven when its all over.”

“The battle is only days away so we need to continue to prepare.” Vladimir said as the rest of the Cullens approached.

I sighed as I watched my former family approach us. I noticed Carlisle had walked to his wife and hugged her in greeting.

The first person who approached me was Rose. We hugged as soon as she approached me. “Are you okay?” She asked me.

I nodded and sighed. “I’m fine. I’m sorry for leaving so abruptly without saying goodbye.”

“Are you coming home?” She asked me, curiously.

I smiled and nodded. “I would like to.” I answered. “Do you want me to?”

“Of course.” She said and we exchanged grins.

The others all greeted me pretty much the same way. All that is but Edward. He just nodded in greeting.

“I heard you are looking for members for your coven.” he said to me.

“My coven is planning to be relocated once I speak to them. We’ll be moving to Forks as an extended brance of the Olympic Coven. You want to join?” I asked him.

“Only if I can date the Coven’s Leader.” He said, forcing back a smile.

“Maybe. I’m not currently seeing anyone.” I said, shooting him a grin of my own. I could tell right there he had ripped up the papers I sent.

We closed in and quickly kissed each other as well as exchanged hugs. I no longer blamed him or any of the Cullens for my transformation. I knew now it was the Volturi who forced the order.


Chapter 6 – Accepting the Truth

As time went on, the Cullens had joined our training and even showed us even more fighting moves. Once the Denalis arrived from Alaska(thanks to a call from Carlisle), Kate and Tanya both trained me in getting better control over my powers. I already knew I was a shield, but I also discovered I could read thoughts as well. This I thought was cool since it was also Edward’s power. Even as a vampire, he still can’t read mine, which still frustrates him.

We do get our alone time every once in awhile and yes we did talk things out. He understood how I felt and sympathized with me. He and Carlisle gave me another couple of surprises. They bought a fishing trip for Charlie and Sue Clearwater(Seth and Leah’s mother). They had begun seeing each other shortly before the wedding. The second was they had asked the wolves to join us in this battle after explaining that the Volturi had given them an ultimatum – either change me or all of us would be destroyed. Jacob and Sam talked at great length and agreed the Volturi deserved to be destroyed themselves. They arrived just days before the battle was to occur.

One night while I was outside getting some air, Jacob approached me wanting to talk. He still had it in his head I would dump Edward for him. He quickly approached and said, “Hey. You look pretty good despite the different eye color.”

We exchanged grins but I then spoke up. “Jacob, you should know. Edward and I are back together. He ripped up the divorce papers before he and the Cullens came looking for me.”

He sighed softly and asked, “What about after the battle? What is going to happen then?”

“I am moving back to Forks with my coven. They built a mansion for us and will let us move their as an extention of the Olympic Coven.” I answered much to his unhappiness.

“What about Edward? Isn’t he with Carlisle’s?” Jacob asked me.

“He joined my coven so he will be moving into my mansion once we get to Forks.” I said.

“So, I guess you answered all of my questions.” He said, feeling defeated. “We will stay friends, right?”

I shrugged before nodding. “Jacob, now that I am a vampire Charlie can’t know I am alive or that I am a vampire. It is way too dangerous for him. They would force the same ultimatum on him.”

“Not if the Volturi is dead themselves, Bella.” Jacob said.

“Jacob!” I snapped. “He is not to know. I am still considered a newborn until the year is over. His blood will always be too tempting to me.” I then stood head to head with him and added, “You tell him and I will kill you myself.”

He angrily stormed off as Carlisle approached to check on me. “You okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” I said. “Despite threatening to kill Jacob if he told Charlie I am a vampire.” I must of seemed a little shaken because Carlisle lopped an arm around my shoulders and hugged me. It felt good to have my vampire father back in my life.

“Right now your emotions are all over the place. Its common among newborns.” He said, rationalizing how I was feeling just then. “But I know you meant it.”

“I am tired of people doing shit behind my back.” I said. “Making choices for me and not giving me time to make that choice for myself. I needed time to learn to accept the things I can’t change and make peace with what was happening. I never meant to hurt any of you.” I sniffled trying to force back venom tears but it didn’t work. I clung to Carlisle as I sobbed. I eventually calmed down but he still held me.

He sighed and said, “It’s only a few days before the Volturi arrives. Are you ready for this?”

I nodded and said, “I need this over with and I am sure you feel the same way.

“You’re right.” He said. He forced back a soft growl and added, “I never liked the decisions or the killing they did. I just hoped someone would stand up to them.” He shot me a grin and added, “I couldn’t be more happy that the person who is leading this is my daughter.”

I grinned back and then hugged him. “Thanks, Daddy” I said happily.

He smiled and softly kissed my forehead. He seemed thrilled I had finally accepted who I had become….a vampire.

That night we also had a huge bonfire in a non-snow covered area. We all gathered around it and chatted as we thought about all that would happen tomorrow. I had to admit it to myself. I was very nervous….and scared we would all not survive. I hoped it was just my nerves and not what was truly going to happen.

The next day, I would no doubt find out.


Chapter 7 – Facing the Enemy

(Bella POV)

The day finally arrived and in total of 65 vampires who agreed the rules needed to be changed beginning with those for me personally. The Volturi had to listen or all hell would no doubt break loose on them by us all. Several friends of Carlisle’s had been tracked down as well as Jordan who would be moving back with Carlisle and Esme as a very active member of her family’s coven.

We stood in the clearing waiting for the Volturi to arrive.

When they did, I glared at Aro, much to his dismay. “What is the problem, Bella?” He asked, happily.

“Either take that smile off your face or I will knock it off of your face, Aro!” I angrily snapped at him.

He glared at me and muttered, “Jane?”

Jane smiled and simply said, “Pain.”

Her little mental attempt didn’t even phase me, much to her dismay.
“Nice try.” I said with a smirk.

Jane tried this also on Edward but I had already extended my shield so it was around us all.

“You will stop your rules or it will be you who is destroyed!” I angrily shouted. “I am done putting up with you and the others in the Volturi!”

Aro wasn’t happy hearing this. His focus went to Carlisle. He said, “So, your daughter wants to refuse to follow the rules, eh?”

“Don’t. I am with her on this and so is everyone. I lost her once. I will not lose her again…not even due to your stupid guidelines.”

The battle began. Let’s just say both sides lost many. The Volturi lost more though. Seven of my coven members were killed. Among them was; Daniel, Jacen, Rachel, and Sasha. Edward easily killed Alec and Emmett took down Jane with the help of Sam(in wolf form).

Marcus and Caius were killed, but I don’t know who did it.

The guard and other Volturi members were also killed, leaving only Aro himself. Edward and Carlisle helped me in killing him. Just before his head was ripped off of his body, I said, “No one will ever have to deal with your damn rules and shit ever again!” I then ripped his head off his body and Esme was right there with a lit torch. She lit his body and head on fire and then we all stepped back to survey the casualties…and the deaths.

Along with all members of the Volturi and those members I already mentioned from my coven who were killed, I was devastated to discover that Mylin and Deanna had also been killed. They were among the eighteen who had joined last. I burst into hysterical venom tears when I discovered Mylin’s body. Edward held me as I sobbed.

Stefan and Vladimir both took off shortly after the battle happily now that they knew they had gotten their revenge on the Volturi.

We all headed home shortly after. Jordan walked with her parents while I walked with Rosalie and Edward. Their was still one more incident which had to be focused on. That was with Alice who I still hadn’t spoken to her…yet.


Chapter 8 – Home Sweet Home

(Bella POV)

We arrived in Forks late on Saturday night. The wolves had stopped in LaPush on the way, but said they’d be by the main house tomorrow. I nodded and sighed. I didn’t even notice that Jacob was missing.

Edward and I led our coven to our house while the rest of the Cullens headed to the main house. We got inside and each headed off to our bedrooms. Thankfully, they had built many bedrooms for us so no one was left without a place to sleep. Edward and I entered our bedroom and both of us sat on our bed. I sighed, realizing Jacob had not come home with us. I glanced to Edward, who immediately nodded sadly. He knew I was asking about Jacob. “No!” I exclaimed and fell against him crying. I had really lost my best friend.

He held me until I calmed down. By then we heard a soft knock on the front door. Eric answered it. He let Alice in and led her to me and Edward’s bedroom. She wanted to check on me now that I had been told about Jacob also being killed during the battle. He had died protecting Jordan.

Alice entered our bedroom and Eric and Edward left the room so we could talk.

“Hey. I am so sorry about Jacob.” Alice said sadly.

“In truth he and I pretty much stopped being friends after his comment about wanting me to leave Edward for him.” I said to my sister. “Alice, I am really sorry for snapping at you before I left. I just can’t deal with the Bella Barbie stuff anymore. I am not a Barbie doll.”

“I’m sorry, too. I didn’t realize that game made you so unhappy.” Alice said.

We exchanged hugs now that we were also friends again. It would take awhile before I could call her my best friend again. I needed time to settle back into my life as a Cullen again.

Over the next several days, both covens were pleased to be part of the same family. Carlisle and Esme adopted the members of my coven since we agreed to be all part of the same coven despite being in different homes. I had to admit it felt great being back home. Usuallt if a Cullen family meeting was called, it meant both halves so my coven was also called over to the main house. This felt amazing.

I was able to go back to dressing my own way instead of dressing the way Alice use to expect me to. I did compromise with her though by the time the following Christmas arrived. I agreed I would dress up girly then, but no more Bella Barbie.

I finally got to have Charlie as part of my life as long as the secret was kept secret. I also got to see my old friends as long as they didn’t know my secret.

Carlisle went to tell Billy about what happened to Jacob. He wasn’t too happy his son had died but he knew he was defending me so he did accept it in the end.

I finally got to have my old life back along with my new life too.

A/N: This is the final chapter so thanks for reading. If you see a possible sequel anywhere, let me know. I think I closed all plotlines.

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Choices of Darkness

Author’s Note: This is a brand new one I’ve written. Hope everyone likes it.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Mostly Spyfam, but I may add a little S/V in later on.

Sydney Bristow sighed as she entered through the front door at work. She slowly walked toward the elevator and she pushed the button to go up to her office floor. She sighed as she tried to stop her head from spinning. As soon as the elevator beeped and the door opened, Sydney stepped out of it and she walked to her desk.

“Syd, you okay? You look terrible.” Her coworker and friend, Eric Weiss said to her, as soon as he saw her. He looked worried. He stood next to her desk.

“I’m fine, Eric.” She snapped at him and she went to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face.
He shrugged and went to his own desk to do some paperwork.

Later at the morning briefing, Sydney came in just as her friend and boss, Marcus Dixon began the briefing.

He asked if anyone had anything else to add, but no one did. Just as he was about to dismiss them, Sydney spoke up. “Has there been any word on locating Sark? I mean, the last we heard, he went back to working with my mother.”

“Yes.” Jack Bristow answered. “According to our latest Intel, Irina has been seen several times with Sark, but we’ve had no luck apprehending either of them.” He sighed. “We’ll keep looking for her.”

Sydney nodded, but didn’t answer. She groaned softly.

Michael Vaughn looked over at her. “Are you all right, Syd?”

“Not really, Vaughn.” She answered, as she stood up. She glanced over at Dixon. “Would it be all right if I went home? I’m really not feeling well.”

“Of course you can, Syd.” Dixon said and he glanced at Jack. “Could you take her home? I need Weiss and Vaughn here.” He stood up and began getting his papers in order, so he could leave the room.
Jack nodded as he stood up. He walked over to Sydney and he led her out of the room and down the elevator. As soon as they got to his car, she passed out. He got her into the car and he drove her to his own house. Then, he called Dixon to inform him that he wouldn’t be coming back to work that day. He would be taking a few days off to care for his sick daughter.

Meanwhile back at the Rotunda, Weiss was standing around waiting for his contact to call. He was chatting with his coworker and friend, Kimberly McKendrick, when his cell phone rang. “Hello?” He said, when he answered the call.

“Agent Weiss, it’s good to hear your voice.” A familiar female voice said happily. “I hope you haven’t forgotten me already.”

Weiss glanced at Kimberly and he motioned to her to have this call traced. To the woman, he said, “I remember you, Ms. Derevko.”

“Oh come on now, Agent. You can feel free to call me Irina. I mean, you are one of my daughter’s best friends.” She laughed, as she hung up the phone.

“Damn it.” Weiss said as he hung up. “Did you get anything?”

Kimberly shook her head and sighed. “I’m sorry, Eric.”

“It’s okay. We’ll get her.” He said reassuringly. Then he walked to Dixon’s office door to report the call. He knocked on the door, but he didn’t get an answer. He walked back to his desk, just as the phone rang again. He sighed as he answered it. “Weiss?”

It was Vaughn. “It’s me, Weiss. We just picked up Irina. We’re on our way back now.” He sounded worried.

“All right, Vaughn. I’ll call Jack and let him know.” Weiss said to him. He hung up and called Jack at his house.

Sydney was asleep in her bedroom at Jack’s house, when the phone rang.

Jack walked downstairs after he had just checked on Sydney. He walked over to the phone and he answered the call. “Hello?”

“Jack, its Weiss. Vaughn just took Irina into custody.”

Jack sighed. “All right, Weiss. I’m on my way.” He hung up the phone and he looked up the stairs at Sydney’s closed bedroom door. He stayed there for just a few seconds before grabbing his jacket. He walked over to his desk long enough to scribble a note for Sydney to let her know where he was going. Then, he walked out the door and he left.

A few hours later, Jack was standing right outside Irina’s locked cell. He glared at her. “What did you think you were trying to pull coming back here? You knew they would be coming after you.”

Irina didn’t answer him. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even look at him. She was sitting on the floor inside her locked cell meditating and ignoring Jack.

Annoyed by the way she was acting, he left without saying another word. He headed back to his house a few minutes later.

It wasn’t very long before Vaughn and Weiss heard what had happened, when Jack tried to talk to Irina.
Meanwhile at Jack’s house, Sydney woke up just as Jack got home. He walked up the stairs and into her room to check on her. “How are you feeling, Sweetheart? You look a little better.”

She managed a small smile. “A little better. What’s going on at work?”

“Don’t you worry about work. You just get some rest and get yourself well.” He noticed she was trying to sit up in bed, so he rearranged the pillows behind her.

“Thanks, Dad.” She said. She noticed the strange look on Jack’s face, so she asked,
“What’s wrong?”

He sighed. “Your mother’s been arrested and she’s being held at the JTF building downtown.”
Sydney looked surprised. “Well, we knew it would just be a matter of time before she was caught. Who made the arrest?”

“Vaughn did.” He answered. He noticed the pained look on her face and he sat down on the edge of her bed.

She sighed. “What’s going to happen to Mom now?” Sydney asked, worriedly. She looked down at her blanket, not wanting him to see how upset she was getting.

Jack sighed, as he put his arm around his daughter. “I don’t really know, Sweetheart.”

She let her head fall onto his shoulder for a few minutes. “I wish I could go see her.”

“What you need to do is get well. Let me worry about your mother.” He smiled and added, “Okay?”

“Okay, Dad.” Sydney said and she hugged him. She laid down and started to fall back to sleep.

Jack went downstairs to make her something to eat. As he was cooking, the phone rang. He groaned and he walked over to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hey, Jack.” It was Vaughn. “How’s Sydney doing?”

“She’s resting right now, Vaughn. Is there something going on you need to inform me about?” Jack asked. There was some anger in his voice.

“Actually, yes. Irina escaped. Weiss just called me. I’m not at the Rotunda right now. I was wondering if I could stop by later and see Syd.” Vaughn said.

Jack sighed and agreed. “It’ll have to be after dinner though. Sydney will probably sleep most of the day and I don’t want her disturbed. She needs her rest.”

“I understand. Thanks, Jack.” Vaughn said and he hung up.

Jack groaned and hung up too. He went back to the kitchen and finished cooking.

Meanwhile at the Rotunda, an all out hunt was going on for Irina. Marshall was ordered to stay in his office, so he would stay safe.

A few hours had passed and Irina had still not been caught. It was getting frustrating for everyone. They were so busy searching that no one noticed Irina carefully hiding explosives carefully around the Rotunda, as she was leaving. She walked out the door just before the explosives went off. Everyone scrambled for cover, as more explosives went office.

All anyone could hear was Dixon calling out orders, but no one was listening right then. He was very angry too. This was mostly because no one had fought Irina before she got away.

Weiss and Vaughn had their hands full tending to those that had been injured. They were glad to see that no one had been killed.

Dixon ordered Marshall to call Jack and have him come in to help.

Jack had just taken Sydney some lunch, when he heard the phone ring. He answered it. “Hello?” He said.
“Agent Bristow? It’s me, Marshall. Director Dixon needs you to come in.”

Jack sighed and asked, “What’ happened?”

Marshall hesitated before saying, “its Derevko. She’s escaped.” He paused before telling him what Irina had done.

“Tell Dixon I’ll be there in half an hour.” Jack said. Then he hung up. He had no intention of telling Sydney what had happened. Their was nothing she could do right now anyway. After leaving a note for Sydney, he left.

Marshall went to let Dixon know that Jack was on his way.

Meanwhile, Irina managed to hide inside a cheap hotel room. She felt bad about how sick Sydney was, but she felt it was necessary to keep her out of the way. She hoped that no one would figure out that it was her who had poisoned her. She would reveal what she had done to her daughter in due time. She stayed in the hotel room for the rest of the night.

Jack got to the Rotunda awhile later. He quickly found Dixon, who looked worried. All he said to Jack was, “We need to find Derevko fast.” Then, he walked away from him.

Jack spotted Vaughn and Weiss and he walked over to them.

Vaughn looked at him and asked, “How’s Sydney?” He looked worried.

Jack sighed worriedly. “Still the same. If she doesn’t improve soon, I’m taking her to the hospital. She’s barely eating anything.”

Vaughn was starting to get worried now. “I won’t be able to stop by later after all. Weiss and I are part of the task force that is searching for Derevko.”

Meanwhile, Sydney began having trouble breathing. She struggled on the bed and was barely able to get to the phone. It was a good thing she had 911 on her phone memory, because she was forced to use it. She was barely able to force out “Help, ” before she finally passed out.

The ambulance driver just happened to be an analyst for the CIA, so as soon as they got Sydney loaded into the ambulance, he called and informed Dixon and Jack. He stated Sydney’s condition as serious.

Both Jack and Dixon headed to the hospital. They were now even more worried than before. They sat in the waiting room for a long wait.

The doctors were busy trying to get Sydney stabilized. The ambulance got there just a few minutes before. Awhile later, the doctor came over to Jack. He looked concerned.

By the time the doctor walked away, Jack’s usual expressionless face was now masked with both worry and anger. He noticed that Dixon was looking at him and he said, “They just got the blood work results back from the lab. Sydney’s been poisoned.” He went on to tell him that he believes that it was Irina who poisoned Sydney. He also said that he was going to prove it too. Then, he left the hospital. He was going to find Irina himself.

After several hours, Jack managed to track Irina down. He found her inside an abandoned warehouse. She was asleep in a corner. He roughly picked her up by the collar of her shirt and he yelled, “What did you do to my daughter? Huh?” He was having trouble containing his anger at this point. He glared at her.
She quickly opened her eyes and looked at him. “I poisoned her, Jack.” She didn’t seem the slightest bit threatened or frightened. “She should be fine in about 24 hours, as long as you have the right antidote.”
“What kind of poison is it, Irina?” Jack asked her. He was trying to calm down, hoping it would help get Irina to talk more if he did.

“It’s a weak form of cyanide.” Irina said to him. She was starting to get worried. “How is she?”

“Barely alive thanks to you.” Jack snapped at her. “Now where can I find the antidote for this kind of poison?” He continued to glare at her angrily.

Irina sighed. “The only place it can be found is in a hospital in Rome. You’ll have to take her there as soon as possible.”

“Correction-we will have to take her there.” Jack shot back at her. “We’ll be leaving for there at nine.” He shot her another glare as he added, “This damn well better not be some kind of trick either, Irina. You’re already in CIA custody. If Sydney dies, then so do you.” Jack took Irina out of the warehouse and he drove her back to the JTF.

Dixon met them at the entrance and Jack explained what had happened. He also requested that Irina accompany him on the mission to get the antidote.

Dixon agreed and he made the arrangements for the mission. He was still very worried about Sydney.

Later that night, Jack temporarily removed Sydney from the hospital. He drove them both to the airport, where they would meet the plane and a few escort agents. They had Irina with them.

After everyone was aboard, the plane took off. It would be taking several hours before they would be in Rome.

Jack had Sydney sitting in the chair next to him. Her chair was reclined back so she could sleep, but she wasn’t. He glanced worriedly at her. “You really should get some rest.”

“I’ll be fine, Dad.” Sydney said. She kept glaring at her mother, who was handcuffed to a seat a few rows away from them. And to Irina, she asked, “Why did you do this to me, Mom?”

Irina sighed. “I had to keep you out of the way. While you were on your last mission to Spain, I happened to be there too. At one point, you stood in front of a dark-haired man. While you were talking to him, I slipped the poison into your drink.” She explained.

Sydney looked shocked. “That was you I bumped into as I was leaving, wasn’t it?” Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Irina nodded looking uncomfortable.

Jack slipped his arm around his daughter and he held her as she cried softly.

They were quiet the rest of the flight.

The entire plane ride lasted several hours and by the time it landed, Sydney was sound asleep. Her breathing was a little bit uneven, so Jack knew they had better get moving quickly.

The three of them exited the plane and went over to the waiting rental car. Jack made sure Sydney was settled comfortably in the back seat and he pushed Irina in the front passenger seat. He climbed in next to her and he started the car. He shot Irina a nasty look, as he sped away.

She had a pained look on her face and had to quickly look away from him. It bothered her that he was so angry with her. She glanced over at Sydney to check on her, but Sydney didn’t even glance in her direction.

As soon as they reached Irina’s hideout, Irina ran inside and got the antidote. When she came out, she shot Jack a worried look. She opened the back door and was about to inject the antidote into Sydney, when Jack stopped her.

He took the antidote from her and he injected it into Sydney himself. He didn’t trust Irina to do it. Glancing in Irina’s direction, he asked, “how long does it take for the antidote to work?”

“She should begin feeling better within the hour.” Irina answered.

“Good.” He said and they got back into the car. Jack drove back to the airport and they rebounded the plane. They settled once again in their seats and the plane took off. They were once again headed back to Los Angeles.

Time: 8:45 am
Place: Enroute to Los Angeles

Irina had fallen asleep in her seat, which was across the aisle from Jack and Sydney. She wasn’t sound asleep though. She kept opening her eyes every once in awhile to look over at Sydney to see how she was doing.

Sydney was asleep next to Jack. She moaned in her sleep and acted as if she were in pain.

He shot her a worried look and sighed.

The plane landed a few hours later and Sydney was rushed back to the hospital. Soon after the plane landed, Sydney’s fever spiked. This worried Jack even more as he drove her to the hospital.

The pilot was actually an off-duty CIA Agent, so he called Weiss and had Irina taken back into custody.
Weiss didn’t waste any time in getting to the airport to pick her up. He was still pretty angry, now that Irina’s secret was out.

Vaughn met them at the hospital. He was happier, when he found out that they managed to reduce Sydney’s fever. The antidote was finally beginning to work.

Sydney was kept in the hospital for several more days, but she refused to go visit her mother in her cell. She has spent every day with Vaughn and Jack has come to visit her each and every day too.

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Hello and Goodbye

It was the early morning and Sydney Bristow rolled over and looked at her clock. “Damn it!” She said, as she got up. She ran to her closet and started to get ready for work. She quickly got dressed and she ran downstairs.

Right as Sydney was heading out the door, someone knocked on the door. She opened it and saw her father standing there. He had a concerned look on his face. “You okay? It’s not like you to be this late for work.”

“I’m fine. My damn alarm clock never went off.” She said, as she got her coat on. “I’m sorry if i worried you, Dad.”

He smiled and said, “It’s okay. Want a ride to work?”

Sydney smiled back and said, “Yeah, thanks.” Sydney locked the door as soon as they got outside.

Jack waited for her at the car. A few minutes later, She got in the car with him and sighed. Jack could tell that She was already having a rough day. “I’m sure your day will get better, Honey.”

“I don’t see how it could get much worse. Dixon is going to be pissed, when he finds out I was late this morning.” Sydney said, as She laid her head on the headrest of her seat.

“I’ll talk to Dixon. I’m sure he’ll understand.” Jack said, trying to reassure her. “You look tired. You sleeping okay?”

“Still having a little trouble, but I’ll be okay.” As soon as she yawned, Jack turned the car around, “Dad, I have that mission to Japan this evening.”

“They can handle it without you. You need some time, Honey. Not only were you missing for two years, you also lost your boyfriend.” Jack said to her. His voice was full of concern for her.

Hearing him say it that way really sunk in and she started to cry. He pulled the car over to the side of the road and then he pulled Sydney into his arms. “It’s okay, Honey. Let it all out. I’m here.”

Sydney cried until she fell asleep. Jack took her home and he put her to bed. He called Dixon and then he stayed with her for the rest of the night.

Sydney woke up an hour later from a nightmare. She sat up shaking. She was also whimpering softly.
Jack heard her and he came upstairs and he held her.

She hugged him back and the whimpers turned into sobs.

He stayed with her til she fell back asleep. Then he went back downstairs.

Several hours later, Sydney woke up and she came downstairs. She found Jack in the the kitchen. He was sitting at the table sipping a hot cup of coffee. He heard her come in and he asked, “How’d you sleep, Swetheart?”

“Better after i got that nightmare out of my head.” She said, as she joined him at the table.

He got up and he made her a cup of tea and he sat it down in front of Sydney. He sat back down in his previous seat. “I talked to Dixon. He gave you a few days off.”

“Thanks, Dad,” She said, then She took a sip of tea. Then She sighed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. He was very concerned about her. He put a hand on top of her own, trying to calm her.

“I have a headache.” She told him, as she got up from her seat. Still carrying her cup of tea, she went upstairs to the bathroom and got a couple of aspirin out of a bottle in the medicine cabinet. After she was done, she put the bottle back in the cabinet and took the aspirin.

A few days later, Sydney came back to work. She was doing a lot better now that she had gotten a few days to rest up.

“Hey, Syd. Welcome back.” Weiss said, as soon as he saw her come in. He was sitting at his desk.

“Thanks, Weiss.” She said, as She went to her desk. Her briefing wasn’t for another half an hour yet, so She thought she’d get caught up on her paperwork.

“Sydney, could you come into my office please? I’d like to talk to you.” Jack asked her. He had stopped by her desk.

She looked up at him and said, “Yeah, sure, Dad.” She got up and followed him into his office.

Jack sat down behind his desk and he asked, “Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Sydney said to him.

“Good. I’m glad.” He stood up and he said as he walked over to the door, “I have a surprise for you.” He shot her a smile, as he opened the door.

A tall blonde came into the room and she was smiled as she walked over to Sydney.

“Jill?” Sydney said in disbelief. She gave them both a smile as she hugged Sydney hello. “Oh my god! When did you move back?”

Jill laughed as she said, “Late last night. I’m transferring here, thanks to Jack’s help.”

“That’s great!” Sydney happily said. She smiled at Jack and added, “Thanks, Dad.”

He smiled back and said, “Your welcome, Sweetheart.” He looked at his watch and said, “Come on you two. Time to head to briefing.”

Sydney and Jill walked arm in arm to the Briefing Room. Jack followed them.

Vaughn looked up from the file he was reading, when they walked in. “Hi, Syd.” He said, as they each sat down.

Sydney said, “hi.” She glanced at him quickly and flashed a small smile, but she couldn’t look directly into his eyes.

Jack noticed this and he grabbed Sydney’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze of support.

Sydney smiled gratefully at her dad, as she waited for the briefing to start.

Vaughn said, “Okay. We’ve gotten reports that an American CIA Agent has been kidnapped while on a mission in England. Sydney, you, Jill, and Jack will go make the exchange, but be careful. We’re not 100% sure they can be trusted.” He glanced at her for emphasis to his words.

Jill asked, “Who or what are we using to make this exchange?”

“That’s the tricky part. They have reason to believe that we possess some kind of document that is directly linked to the K Directorate.” Jack said, “It lists every member and their plans for the next thirty years.”

Sydney asked, “Did we ever ID the agent that was taken?” She glanced from Jack to Vaughn, as She waited for an answer.

Jill was curious about it too. She noticed the looks everyone, but Sydney were giving her. She finally asked, ” What is it?”

Vaughn sighed and said, “The agent has been identified as Justin Hanson.”

“oh my god.” Jill said, just before the tears started to fall. “Have they hurt him at all?”

“Not as far as we know, yet.” Jack said to her.

Vaughn looked at Jill and he said, “Are you going to be able to do this mission?”

Jill nodded.

Vaughn said,”Okay. That’s it. The drop is to go down at six AM. You leave for the airport at ten. Your on the midnight flight.”

Sydney nodded as she got up from her chair. She quietly left the briefing room.

Jill watched her leave, as she wiped the tears away.

Jack asked Jill, “you okay?”

Jill smiled gratefully, and said,”Yeah.”

At midnight, they were on their way to England.

Jill slept during the flight.

Jack sat next to Sydney, so he could keep an eye on her. He glanced at her and he asked, “How are you holding up? You okay?”

Sydney looked at him and said, “yeah. Right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.” She sighed, noticing the worried look on her father’s face. She quickly added, “I’ll be okay, Dad.” She put the book she was reading down and closed her eyes. She put her head on her dad’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Jack smiled to himself and fell asleep too.

After the plane landed, they headed toward the Drop Zone.

Jill was the first to notice that they were being watched from afar. She pointed it out to both of the Bristows as soon as they got to the reandevous point.

Jill stayed behind the driver’s seat, in case they needed to make a quick exit.

After wating ten minutes, Jack and Sydney started searching the grounds. All of the sudden, Sydney yelled, “Dad!”

Jack ran to her and Sydney pointed to what she had found. It was the dead body of Justin Hanson. “Damn!” Jack said.

They heard gunshots a few minutes later.

“Get down!” Jack shouted, as he got his gun out to fire back at them.

Sydney ducked and then she groaned in pain. She grabbed her arm as she fell against an abandoned building.

Jack rushed over to her and he took out a hankerchief to wrap it around her wound. He then, got on his radio and he signalled to Vaughn for immediate pickup.

After the shooters left, Sydney went to check on Jill. She had been shot in the chest.

Sydney gasped in horror as Jack came over to her. “What’s wrong?” He asked. Then, he looked for himself. “Oh my god.”

By now, Sydney had come over to check for Jill’s pulse. “She’s got a faint pulse. Is Vaughn sending help?”

Jack said, “Yeah, help’s on the way. Are you okay?”

“Ask me after this nightmare is finally over.” Sydney said, holding back tears.

Ten minutes later, the chopper arrived. They got all three of them into the chopper and they headed for home.

They landed on the launch pad of a Los Angeles hospital, and they took Jill right into surgery.

Sydney watched her go and she immediately started to cry. Jack, who happened to be standing next to her, hugged her whild she cried. He sat down with her in the waiting room and together, they waited to hear about Jill.

Both Weiss and Vaughn stopped by the hospital to see if their was any word on Jill’s condition. Jack told them their wasn’t and he promised to call if their were any updates. He was hoping their would be some soon, for Sydney’s case.

“Code blue!” was called three times in the operating room, while the doctors were operating on Jill.
Sydney eventually fell asleep on the couch in the waiting room.

Jack got a blanket from an orderly and he covered Sydney with it. He then, went to find a doctor, so Sydney’s arm could be checked out. He returned a few minutes later with a doctor. Sydney was moved to an exam room and Jack went in with her.

After the bullet was removed from Sydney, her arm was put into a sling. She was forced to stay in her room. When Sydney woke up, Jack was standing right next to her. He had a sad look on his face. “Dad, what’s wrong?” Sydney asked him, as she looked right into his eyes.

Jack had a lump in his throat, as he said sadly, “It’s Jill, Sweetheart. She died an hour ago.”

“No! Oh god, no!” Sydney moaned, starting to cry. She laid there crying for the next twenty minutes.
Jack held her hand as she cried.

A few days later, Sydney was released from the hospital. The day after that was Jill’s funeral. Sydney was able to attend the funeral, even though she was still inactive. She sat in between Jack and Adam Hanson(Jill’s father).

Justin’s funeral was while Sydney was still in the hospital.

Weiss, Vaughn and his wife, Lauren, Marshall, and Dixon were among the agents who were there.
Sydney burst into tears during the the eulogy she gave, and had to be led away by Jack.

A few days later, Weiss, Vaughn, and Marshall went in and arrested all three of the shooters.
Sydney came back to Jill’s grave a few days later. She brought flowers to put on her grave.

Jack came with her, so she wouldn’t be alone.

“Why did she have to be the one who died? It doesn’t make any sense. All I’ve been trying to do is make a little bit of sense out of this, but none of it does.” From the sound of Sydney’s voice, Jack could tell she was angry.

“Sweetheart, you know as well as anyone, that bad things sometimes happen to good people. Not everyone can escape the inevitable.” Jack said to her.

Sydney blinked back tears, as she said, “It doesn’t give those of us they leave behind much comfort.”

Jack smiled sympathetically and said, “I know.”

Both of them looked at the graves in front of them. The names on them were;



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A Time for Sorrow

Author’s Note-This fanfic takes place right after season 2 finale.

Rating: PG (may change later on though. Not sure yet.)

Dedication: I wrote this awhile ago praying an old friend would be shown the light once again and not follow thos who follow Satan/

“Is he going to be all right?” A very worried and upset Shalimar Fox asked two Paramedics, as they loaded her father into the back of an ambulance.

“We don’t know yet, Miss Fox. We’ll call you as soon as we know.” The one said to her as the ambulance doors shut. Then, the ambulance sped away.

“Let me through! Those are my friends!” Cassie Jo Kane screamed, as she pushed her way through the police barricade. She ran over to Jesse Kilmartin.

Another team of Paramedics were working on Emma DeLauro. After a few minutes, one of them covered her with a yellow blanket, as the other one sadly said, “She’s gone.”

Brennan Mulwray heard this and he came over to Jesse. He heard Jesse say, “Emma’s dead.” Brennan put a comforting hand on Jesse’s shoulder.

“Emma!” Shalimar screamed, as she ran over to them. Brennan pulled her into his arms, as she began to cry.

Emma’s COM link fell off of her finger, as they were loading her deceased form into the back of another ambulance. It fell onto the ground.

Shalimar walked over to where it had fallen. She bent down and picked it up. She bit her lip to keep from crying, just as Jesse asked, “Where’s Adam?”

C.J. looked around, as she asked, “When was the last time you guys saw him?” She sounded worried and upset.

Jesse let out a sad sigh, as he said, “just before the explosion.” He could tell she was close to crying, so he pulled her into a hug. “We’ll find your dad, C.J. I promise.”

She nodded as she sobbed into his shoulder. She hugged him back.

Awhile later, Jesse was flying the four of them back to Sanctuary. “This whole thing is like a nightmare.” He commented.

“Except we’re wide awake.” Brennan finished for him. “Any luck locating Adam?” He sounded hopeful.

“No. Nothing yet. His signal is still off the grid.” Jesse said, sounding concerned.

“Let’s not give up yet, Guys.” Shalimar said, glancing at C.J. “He could still be out there somewhere.”

C.J. shot her a grateful look, but said nothing.

Jesse sighed as he landed the Helix inside the Hangar and he opened the door. They walked out of the Helix and into Sanctuary.

Shalimar went right to her room. She was looking through a photo album, when Brennan came in. They discussed funeral arrangements for Emma and Shalimar burst into tears.

Brennan held her as Shalimar cried. He was also crying softly in her arms.

Jesse was busily working on the computer trying to track Adam’s location. After several minutes, a slight smile appeared on his face. He quickly shouted, “Hey, Guys! I got a hit off of Adam’s signal! Come quick!”

C.J. came running out of the Dojo. She came running over to him and asked, “Did I hear you right?”

“Yep. You heard me right.” He handed the address to Brennan and him and Shalimar ran to the Helix.

They quickly flew toward the coordinates that Jesse had given them. “All right. I’m taking her down.” Brennan said, as he began to land. All they found after they looked around was Adam’s MX pin.

“Who would do something like this?” Shalimar asked, as she looked at it. She let out a frustrated sigh.

“How easily people forget.” A voice said from behind them.

Shalimar and Brennan quickly turned toward him. They both had angry looks on their faces. “Why are you doing all of this?” Shalimar asked angrily. She tried to lunge at him, but Brennan held her back.

The voice belonged to Mason Eckhart. He was holding up Adam’s COM link in his left hand.

“How the hell did you get that?” Brennan asked him.

“How else? I have Adam.” Eckhart said to them.

“What do you want, Eckhart?” Shalimar asked.

“All of Adam’s gene research. You give me that and I will give you Adam back.” Eckhart demanded. “I’ll be in contact to let you know where and when the exchange will go down.” Him and his partner left.

Shalimar and Brennan flew back toward sanctuary in silence.

Brennan landed the Helix a few minutes later and they both walked out and into Sanctuary. They found Jesse busily working on the computer and he looked angry.

“Where’s C.J.?” She asked, glancing around the room.

Jesse sighed and said, “She’s lying down. I’m getting worried about her. You guys know as well as I do, that she won’t be able to take it if anything happened to her father.”

“Jess, we’ll find him.” Shalimar said, trying to reassure him.

“Yeah, man. Don’t lose faith.” Brennan agreed. “What are you working on?”

“I’m trying to get into Adam’s private files, but their password protected. I tried C.J.’s name, but it didn’t work.” He let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m not sure what else to try.”

“I may have a few ideas.” A woman’s voice said. She was invisible to Jesse, Shalimar, and Jesse.

“Who the hell are you?” Brennan asked, as the Woman attacked him.

“Knock it off!” C.J. yelled as she entered the room.

The Woman appeared and said, “You have no idea the kind of person Adam Kane really is.” She walked over to the computer and she typed her name into it. “Adam’s password is my name-Lexa. You might want to hurry though. They like to freeze you out after ten minutes.”

“What makes you think we actually believe you?” C.J. asked, as Lexa walked past her.

“Right now, none of you have much of a choice.” Lexa said to her.

“That’s debatable.” Shalimar said, as she followed Lexa into the kitchen. Brennan and C.J. followed her.

“Look. I know none of you believe me, but I am the only chance you have at finding Adam still alive.” She glanced at C.J. “You’re Cassandra Kane, aren’t you?”

“So? What if I am? Going to keep telling us what a bad guy my father is?” C.J. asked, and she left the room.

“You really can’t blame her for being like that, Lexa. Adam is her father.” Shalimar said.

Lexa grabbed a snack out of the refrigerator and she began to eat.

“You certainly made yourself at home quick.” Brennan said to her.

“This was my home for two years.” She showed them both her COM link. “Mutant X 1.0. Or I was supposed to be. I soon came to realize that I wasn’t the joining type.”

“Why are you here, Lexa?” Shalimar wanted to know.

“I’m here to help you get Adam back. Nothing else.” Lexa told her.

Just then, Jesse’s voice came across their COM links. “Its time to go and I got the files Eckhart wants. C.J. is prepping the Helix now.”

“Fine, but the Girl Scout stays behind.” Lexa commented, referring to C.J.

Shalimar glared at her. “That’s not your call. She’s part of the team.”

“Come on you two! Let’s go!” Brennan yelled at both of them and they ran after him towards the Helix.

Jesse flew the five of them toward the meeting place they had agreed on. After he landed the Helix, they walked to where Eckhart was waiting for them.

C.J. sighed as soon as she saw him. “Where is my father, Mason? I want him back!”

“I just bet you do, Cassandra.” Eckhart said. He had a slight amused look on his face, as he looked toward Jesse. “Did you bring Adam’s files?”

“Yes, but your not getting a damn thing, until we see Adam.” He said to him.

“Where is he?” Lexa asked. She looked angry and impatient.

Eckhart chuckled. He nodded toward one of his cronies who used his mutant tongue to take the computer disk from Jesse’s hand. Then, he ran off with it, while three others attacked the rest of the team.

C.J. went right after Eckhart and she tackled him to the ground. She pinned him and asked, “Where’s my father, Mason? Huh? Where is he?”

Eckhart managed to get her to the ground and he said, “Your father is dead, Cassandra. I found his body myself.” After hitting her in the head, he ran off. C.J. was too stunned to respond.

Shalimar had chased the mutant with the disk to a fire escape ladder. Using her Feral powers, she sensed he was above her and she attempted to go after him, but he was too quick for her and he got away.

The others caught up with her and C.J. told them what Eckhart had told her. She started to walk away from them, holding back tears, but Jesse went over to her and he hugged her. She burst into tears and she returned the hug.

Brennan flew them back to Sanctuary a few minutes later. Jesse was sitting with C.J. in the back of the Helix. Lexa was copiloting for them.

Brennan landed the Helix several minutes later and they all went inside Sanctuary. C.J. sighed as she walked toward her room. She was stopped by the sound of arguing and she came back over to listen to Brennan say that he was done working with the team.

“Don’t you dare just walk away yet, Brennan.” She told him, angrily.

“I agree, Brennan. What about continuing the mission?” Jesse asked him.

“Our mission ended as soon as we found out Adam is dead!” He shot back at them.

“Wrong, Brennan. Eckhart needs to pay for killing Adam. After that, you can go wherever you want.” Lexa said, and she walked away from them.

C.J. watched her leave with a new sense of respect. “Thanks, Lexa.” She said loud enough for Lexa to hear.

Lexa turned around long enough to grin at her. Then, she turned and walked away.

C.J. went to her room, while Shalimar began preparations for the dedication for Adam and Emma.

Brennan left Sanctuary and he went to one of the bars he use to go to all of the time. He was hoping to find out Eckhart’s location. He wound up getting captured by Eckhart’s men and he was taken to his hideout.

Jesse looked at C.J. “Are you going to stay?” He could tell as soon as he asked that she was.

C.J. looked at him and answered, “I’m not leaving until I know that son of a bitch is dead for killing my father.” She walked away from the others.

“Do you think she meant it?” Lexa asked.

“One thing you learn about Cassie Jo Kane early on, Lexa is that she never says anything unless she means it.” Shalimar said, as she walked away from them.

Lexa shot Jesse a look. “I never pictured Shalimar would be that close to C.J.”

“Why?” He asked. “Just because they don’t have the same type of powers?”

“Well, yeah.” Lexa said.

“Shalimar and C.J. have always been close. It has a lot to do with the fact that Shalimar has always been there for C.J. If C.J. can’t talk to me, she goes mostly to Shalimar. They like to discuss boy troubles or something like that.”

“Oh.” Lexa said to him. “I’ll try not to get in the way of that then.

Just then, C.J. came running back over to them. She was out of breath, as she said, “Guys! Brennan’s in trouble. He was taken by Eckhart. I’m tracing his COM link signal now.”

Jesse ran over to the computer to take over the trace.

Lexa had to admit to herself that C.J. was not as predictable as she first thought. She would just have to wait until she uncovered more of this young woman’s back story to be entirely sure. She intended to find out all she could about her in however long she would have to stay there at Sanctuary.

Awhile later, Jesse called them over to the computer. He had found out where Brennan was being held.

The others came over and Lexa said, “Let’s go get him.”

The others nodded and they followed her to the Helix. C.J. flew them to Brennan’s location and she landed not far from there.

Lexa opened the door and she walked out. The rest of them followed her.

Shalimar glanced at C.J. and asked, “Do you sense him at all?”

She nodded. “We need to head in that direction.” She pointed to the left. She noticed Lexa wasn’t paying attention. “Lexa?”

Lexa looked at her. “Maybe we should split up some. Its pretty much a safe bet that Eckhart’s around here somewhere.”

C.J. sighed. “We’ll deal with him as soon as Brennan’s safe.”

Shalimar nodded in agreement and she walked off.

So did the others.

Jesse was the first one to find Brennan. He rushed over to check on him, just as Eckhart appeared. He was carrying a gun. He fired twice at them, but Jesse stood in front of Brennan and he massed. The bullets bounced off of him.

Brennan slowly stood up after convincing Jesse he was all right. Before Jesse could stop him, he went after Eckhart.

Meanwhile, the others took out Eckhart’s men.

They met up with Brennan, just as he had Eckhart up against a wall. In anger, Brennan hit Eckhart with an electrical surge.

Eckhart groaned in pain. He could plainly see the anger in Brennan’s eyes. He saw Brennan preparing to hit him with another, so he quickly said, “Mr. Mulwray, I honestly didn’t think you could do anything like this.” He aimed his gun at Brennan and was about to shoot him.

Using full force, Brennan hit him with another surge and this time Eckhart went flying over the side of a second floor walkway. He landed down on the hard pavement of the first floor dead.

The others saw this and gasped.

Brennan looked at them. “I didn’t have a choice. He was about to kill me.”

C.J. sighed. “It’s all right, Brennan. We believe you.”

They left and headed back to Sanctuary.

Later that evening, Shalimar and Lexa found C.J. standing on the rock where they had had the memorial. She was crying.

Shalimar walked over to her and she hugged her friend. “I miss them too.”

Lexa shot her a sympathetic smile. “I’m really sorry about your Dad, Cassie.”

C.J. glanced at her through her tears. “You can call me C.J., Lex.”

They hugged, as a shadowy figure watched from far away. It would be a long time before they knew who this person is…

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Through the Eyes of Sorrow

Title: Through the Eyes of Sorrow
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I have no connections to the Power Rangers in any way. I’m just a fan. Also, I do not own the character of Jesse Wilder. He is an OC a close friend uses on Power Ranger Legacy.
Shippers: Tommy/Kat, Kim/Jesse
Summary: After receiving a heartbreaking phone call, the former Rangers all gather together to honor the original Yellow Ranger following her sudden death.
Dedication: This fanfic is in loving memory of the Original Yellow Ranger played by Thuy Trang. We miss you, Trini!

Chapter 1

It was a gorgeous day and Kimberly Hart was just getting ready for her morning training at Coach Schmidt’s gym. She hummed to herself as she threw the last of her things in her dark purple shoulder bag and she slung it over her shoulder. She was just about to leave her apartment when she heard her phone ring. She walked over to the end table next to the television set and picked it up. “Hello?” She said.

“Kim, it’s me.” Her friend, Jason Lee Scott said. He sounded very sad and close to tears, which was unusual for him. He had to clear his throat before continuing. “I’m calling everyone to come back to Angel Grove. Something has happened.”

“What’s wrong?” Kim immediately asked, figuring it was Rita or Lord Zedd. This was her Pink Ranger instinct kicking in obviously. She was always ready to return to duty.

“Kim, I was hoping I could avoid telling you over the phone. I know Jesse probably isn’t there with you right now and I know you’ll be needing him after I tell you this.” Jason continued. “I just got a call from Mrs. Kwan. She was crying over the phone. Kim, Trini was killed in a car accident yesterday.”

“What?” Kimberly asked, tearfully. “Oh, my gosh.” She forced back tears. “What do you need me to do?”

“I still need to call Tommy, but I don’t have Billy or Zack’s phone numbers. Do you?” Jason asked her.

“Billy just returned from Aquitar as far as I know. Katherine told me the last time I spoke to her. She gave me his new number. He’s living back in Angel Grove. I’m not sure where exactly.” Kimberly said over the phone. She gave Jason Billy’s phone number and offered to call Zack for him.

Jason agreed and said he would call Kat and then meet her in Angel Grove in a couple of days. Then he hung up the phone. He needed to calm himself down before he called both Kat and Tommy. He let out a soft, yet sad sigh, as he made both calls.

Kimberly managed to make the call as soon as she hung up with Jason. Then she dialed her coach’s phone number to say she couldn’t be at practice for several days. A close friend had died and she needed to return home to Angel Grove. He understood completely and offered her his condolences. As soon as they hung up, she began to cry. It was for this reason; she also dialed Jesse’s phone number and hoped he was there. As soon as she heard his voice, she began to cry. She managed to tell him what was wrong and wasn’t too surprised when he was quick in coming to her. She was use to it. By now, she was sitting on her bed in her bedroom and she was sobbing softly. She felt his arms go around her and she continued to sob in his arms. After awhile, she managed to calm down slightly and she asked him to come with her. She was relieved when he said he would. She kissed him softly before getting up and she started to pack some clothes.

He kissed her back and said they would need to go to his hotel before heading to the airport.

Kim nodded and walked over to use the phone again. She called and ordered two plane tickets for them enroute to Angel Grove, California. She used the credit card she was given for emergencies by her mother to pay for them and then hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Jason had just finished speaking to Billy on the phone, who also sounded like he was crying when he heard a familiar voice behind him say, “I heard what happened. I’m really sorry for your loss.” Jason turned quickly around and saw it was none other than Katherine Hillard. “Thanks, Kat.”

“Your welcome.” She said and she came over to him. They met half way and she hugged him. “I know Kim was her best friend. She’s told me about her.”

“Yeah.” He said and cleared his throat. “They were best friends. Even before we all became Power Rangers.”

Kat couldn’t help but be surprised. She didn’t know Jason and Kim were both two of the original Rangers. The look on her face made it obvious she was shocked.

“Yeah. It was originally me, Kim, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Tommy.” Jason said, noticing her look of shock.

Kat nodded, as she listened to Jason talk. She didn’t seem to notice a strange light appear behind Jason and it was golden.

Jason didn’t notice it either. He was too focused on talking to Katherine. The last time he spoke so easily to someone was while he was dating Kimberly, but he knew Kat was with Tommy. He noticed Kat’s eyes focus on something behind him, which made him ask, “What’s wrong?”

Kat had noticed the golden glow behind Jason and was heading toward it.

Jason followed her but he looked worried” ..

Chapter 2

As they got closer, the glow slowly turned red and Jason automatically tensed. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Kat do the same. “I take it you’ve gone up against him before, too.” He noticed she seemed nervous at the same time. It was like she was hiding something. “What?”

“I once worked for Rita before I turned good and became Kimberly’s replacement as Pink Ranger.” Kat admitted, as she glanced back at the red form. It, of course, became the very ugly Lord Zedd.

“That’s in the past though, Kat. You’re good now. That’s all that matters.” Jason said and turned his attention back to Zedd. “What do you want, Zedd?” Jason sounded very angry as he spoke to Lord Zedd.

“I’ve returned to finish what my wife and I started together and now with Zordon dead, you and the others are powerless to stop me.” Zedd said with an evil chuckle.

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you, Zedd. We do have friends who are still Power Rangers.” Tommy said, as he joined Jason and Kat. “You two okay?”

“Yeah, but we’re glad you found us.” Kat couldn’t help but say. She turned her attention back to Zedd, who had started to attack them.

The three former Rangers automatically took a defensive stance and prepared for the attack.

Sensing something was wrong at Angel Grove, Jesse quickly told Kimberly they needed to get there quickly. It was obvious he meant they needed to teleport there instead. He wasn’t too surprised when she quickly agreed and like magic, Jesse stopped time so they could teleport out of there and to Angel Grove within seconds. They reappeared behind some bushes and Jesse led her over to where the others were. “Thought you guys could use some help.” Kimberly quickly said just before glancing at Zedd. “Oh man. Not you again.” She shot him a disgusted look.

“Tough to be the has-been, isn’t it, Kimberly?” Zedd asked her with a loud chuckle. He seemed to be enjoying his taunting her.

“You won’t be laughing for long, Zedd.” Kimberly shot back at him, angrily. She wasn’t too surprised to get confirming nods from the others.

It was just then that they saw a red colored blast come from behind them. They all turned around and stood shocked at five figures approaching. Jason and Tommy shared grins as soon as they saw them. “Kim told you, you wouldn’t be smiling for long, Zedd!” Jason shouted, as the figures came running toward them.

Zedd was shocked as well as unhappy to see them. “Rito said the Earth was unprotected! That dolt!” He yelled angrily.

“Guess again, Zedd.” The one in red said. It was undoubtedly Andros. He quickly tossed Kim the Pink Ranger Morpher and said, “3-3-5 and hit the last button on the pad!”

Kim grinned and nodded, but held back. She didn’t know the morphing call for the Space Rangers. She noticed the Yellow Ranger step forward and she whispered it into her ear. Kimberly nodded and called out, “Let’s Rocket!” She hit the keys on the Morpher pad and within seconds she was morphed as the Pink Ranger.

Jesse watched her with a look of pride on his face. He was proud of his Pink Ranger. He watched as she joined the other Space Rangers. He knew she would undoubtedly ask where Cassie was later on.

“Welcome back, Kimberly!” Ashley Hammond shouted to her from behind her Yellow Ranger helmet.

“Thanks, Ashley.” Kim said as she stood next to her with the other Rangers.

Zedd began to attack each of the six Power Rangers and he continued to for awhile. He showed no signs of slowing down or backing off.

The Rangers continued to fight back despite they were slowly growing tired, but they refused to back down either.

Unfortunately, at that same moment Rito Revolto also appeared and he bellowed, “Guess whose back!!!” He immediately went after Jason and the others.

Not able to use his powers so far out in the open, Jesse said, “We need to find some place safe to go until these guys are taken care of by the Rangers.”

This caught Jason’s attention. “Wait. You knew Kim was a Ranger? How?”

“Let’s get out of here!” Tommy ordered and he led them back inside the Youth Center, while the Rangers continued to fight.

Just before Kat got to the door, Rito grabbed for her and yanked her back outside.

Tommy quickly ran back outside for his girlfriend. He was more than a little worried. He knew she was in danger with them. What he wasn’t counting on was Rito disappearing with her to Lord Zedd’s palace on the moon. “Oh man. This day just got worse.” He let out a soft, yet worried sigh.

Chapter 3

It seemed like hours before the Space Rangers came rushing into the Youth Center. Andros ran in ahead of the others and quickly asked if the former Rangers were all right.

“We need to find some way of finding out where they took Katherine fast.” Tommy insisted, worriedly. He shot Andros a worried look.

“We’ll find her, Tommy. Don’t worry.” Andros said, and the others nodded in agreement. “Unfortunately, the megaship was destroyed, so we’ll have to find another way to track them down.” He let out a soft sigh.

“I know where we can go to track them-my lab in Reefside.” Tommy was quick to say, and he headed for the doorway. “You guys stay here and keep working on the memorial preparations. I’ll be back in a few days.”

“No way, Man. She’s our friend, too.” Jason said and he headed for the door as well.

“Jason, I may be needed in Reefside with the Space Rangers if this gets too bad. You have no powers so I can’t let you go with us.” Kimberly said. “I’m sorry, Jace. Not this time.”

Although he was disappointed, he nodded reluctantly in agreement just before watching the Rangers and Jesse rush out the door.

Meanwhile in Reefside, Ethan James was busy playing a computer game when he received an emergency call on his Morpher from Tommy. Because of how worried Tommy sounded, Ethan was quick at turning his game off and he relayed Tommy’s order to Hayley. She quickly began a trace for Lord Zedd.

Tommy met the Space Rangers in Reefside and led them to his lab just under his house. He wasn’t too surprised to see three of his students hanging out inside the house. He was actually use to it, since they were also his Dino Thunder Rangers. Turning to Conner, Tommy asked, “Where’s Trent?”

“He should be here any minute. He was supposed to meet us here. Ethan contacted us as soon as you did him.” Conner reported to his teacher.

Tommy nodded and the group walked down the stairs to the lab, which was the secret headquarters of the Dino Thunder Rangers. “Any luck yet, Hayley?”

“From what I was able to get so far, they are holding Kat in a cave not far from the beach. Two of you guys should check it out.” She answered.

“Kira and I will go. We need Dr. O. to stay put just in case this is some kind of trap.” Conner said. After getting a quick nod from Tommy, he asked Kira, “Ready?”

Kira Ford nodded, and the two both called out, “Dino Thunder, power up!” In that same instant, they both morphed into their Ranger uniforms. Conner’s was red, Kira’s was yellow.

“Let’s go.” Conner said, and the two rushed outside after hearing Tommy and Hayley both tell them to be careful.

Hayley monitored them the entire time they were gone. Luckily, it wasn’t a trap and Katherine was found inside the cave. She appeared to be unconscious, so they were forced to carry her back with them.

Tommy waited nervously for their arrival and was glad when they returned. Unfortunately, it was also at that moment when Zedd chose to send Rito to pulverize Reefside. “Oh man. This looks like trouble. Since Kat was still unconscious, Tommy didn’t seem too eager to leave, but he knew he had no choice, so he called Ethan over and the two morphed. He also called Trent and had him meet them down town.

At the same time, The Space Rangers remained there just in case backup was needed. They were ready and waiting to jump in and help.

The fighting lasted awhile and they did need the help of the Space Rangers, so they also morphed and rendezvoused with the other Ranger Team and they battled Rito together.

“Hey. This isn’t fair using 11 against 1.” Rito complained. He sounded like a little kid.

“Oh well, Rito.” Kimberly said and couldn’t help, but grin. This sure felt like old times to her.

“Rito!” You’re supposed to be guarding the cave so the Rangers can’t get to Katherine! Now thanks to you, they managed to rescue her! You Dolt!”

“I guess this means you won’t be getting a Christmas present from him this year.” Ashley joked.

“Very funny, Yellow Ranger.” Rito said and he vanished from sight.

“That’s good to know.” They heard suddenly and Tommy automatically grinned. “Come on back.”

“We’re on our way.” Tommy said, and both teams headed back to Tommy’s house. He was happy Katherine was now awake and all right.

Back at the D.T. Headquarters, Jesse was getting the strange looks from Hayley. She had no idea just who this unknown man was or even what he was doing there.

Jesse didn’t seem too comfortable with the way he was being watched. It had been the second time that day that someone had watched him that closely and he didn’t like it one bit” ..

Chapter 4

Hayley was just about to ask who he was when Tommy and the others finally returned. She kept a close eye on him as Tommy made a beeline over to Katherine and he pulled her into his arms for a warm hug.

Kat hugged Tommy back and sighed softly. “I’m okay.” She said softly to him.

“Good.” He said. He slowly let her go and asked, “Is something going on here?” Tommy could tell that Hayley seemed tense, and he was wondering why.

Jesse just stood there in silence. He knew their was no way he could tell them who he was, which was why he was grateful when Kimberly quickly said, “He was just worried about me, Tommy. That’s all.” She had demorphed just before coming inside.

Tommy shook his head in disbelief but said nothing in response. It was obvious he didn’t believe this explanation.

Jesse and Kimberly exchanged looks before a golden glow appeared around Jesse. It was time for them to receive the news. Jesse sighed and said, “I might as well tell you the truth.”

“What the heck?” Tommy said. He looked positively shocked. He looked at the others and noticed they also looked shocked as well. He looked at Kim and asked, “What is he?”

Kimberly faced the others and said, “He’s my Guardian Angel. He was assigned to protect me a long time ago. After we met in Florida, we began falling in love with each other. Now despite how they feel about us being together, we chose to remain together and he continues to watch over me.” She looked worried as soon as she noticed the looks of disbelief on their faces. “It’s true.”

“Wait a minute. If he’s an Angel, that means he is actually…” Tommy began, still shocked.

“Yes.” Was all Kimberly answered. She was standing side by side with Jesse. “That’s how he knows I was once a Power Ranger.” She glanced at each of them. “He would never hurt me, Tommy. I know he wouldn’t. Jesse and I love each other way too much.”

Tommy nodded. “I know.” He could tell by the kind look on Jesse’s face that this was the truth. “If you can keep our secret, you can also trust us with yours.” He walked over and shook Jesse’s hand in friendship.

“Thank you, Tommy.” Jesse said and he shot him a smile.

Tommy grinned back at him.

Jesse glanced over and noticed the kind smile also on Hayley’s face, too. This helped him to relax even more.

Unfortunately, it was just then that Kira said, “Looks like more trouble. Rito is back in town. He’s right outside the Cybersurf.” She shot a worried look toward the other Rangers.

“Oh man. We better get over there.” Tommy said. Then, he looked right at Conner and said, “Let’s do this, Conner.”

Conner quickly nodded and stepped forward, “You guys ready?”

“Ready!” Both teams of Rangers replied.

“Dino Thunder, Power Up!” The Dino Thunder Rangers called out in unison. They instantly morphed.

“White Ranger, Dino Power!” Trent called out at the same time.

Meanwhile at the same time along with Kimberly, the Space Rangers also called out, “Let’s Rocket!” In unison, they punched in the code to morph and quickly did.

As soon as they did, both team rushed outside and went into battle mode. After finding Rito, they began to fight against him. At the same time, they also had to battle both Putty Patrol and Tengas, which made the battle even worse.

Meanwhile in a lone cavern on the other side of Reefside by the ocean was a prison cell that was lit up in neon pink force field. Inside the cell passed out was none other than a badly beaten Cassie Chan. The Pink Space Ranger. Her cell was being guarded by Goldar and another army of Tengas.

Chapter 5

Both teams fought hard against Rito and easily won. They noticed Rito seemed to be keeping them deliberately in town. They just didn’t know why. This had both Tommy and Andros curious as to why, but they didn’t ask. They were too busy fighting him. After awhile, the Space Rangers broke off from their fight as the Dino Thunder Rangers kept Rito busy in town. Tommy said into his Morpher, “Hayley, see if you can find out why we are purposely being kept here in town.”

“I’m on it.” Hayley said and she began to search for the cause. It didn’t take long before she said to Andros, “I found Cassie. She’s in a cell inside a cavern. I’ll send you the coordinates.” She did just after.

“Thanks, Hayley. Let’s go, Guys.” Andros said and they hurried to the coordinates. It wasn’t long before they encountered Goldar and they stood ready to fight.

“Well, I see it didn’t take long for you to find a replacement Pink Ranger there.” Goldar said and growled.

“I can still take you, Goldar!” Kimberly shouted from behind her helmet.

“Well well well. If it isn’t little Kimmy.” Goldar said angrily. He growled as he moved closer, so Andros moved in closer to cover Kimberly a little better. So did both T.J. and Carlos.

“I’d watch my mouth if I were you, Goldar.” Kimberly said, angrily. Underneath her pink Space Ranger helmet, she was scowling hard. “I’m no Ranger to fool around with.”

Goldar chose that moment to advance on her and attack. He dodged a kick from both Carlos and T.J. He was hit by a punch by Andros and knocked off of his feet. “You’ll pay for that, Red Ranger.” He growled angrily.

“Save it for someone who actually cares, Goldar.” Andros shot back at him and they continued to fight. He motioned for both Kim and Ashley to rush inside the cavern and they did.

Ashley was the first to find Cassie in the cavern. She rushed over to her unconscious friend and searched for some way to unlock the cell. “Kim, you see any type of key lying around? Cassie looks badly beaten.”

Kim looked around and spotted a gold colored key on the ground not far from the cell. She quickly picked it up and tossed it to Ashley. “Ash, catch!”

Ashley easily caught it and managed to unlock the cell. Both female Rangers carried Cassie out of the cavern and met up with Tommy, who had shown up to help the guys outside but since Goldar had run off to keep himself from being destroyed. They headed back to Tommy’s lab and met up with Kat and the others.

Jesse was in there already and he was waiting for Kimberly. He looked pleased to see she was all right and he greeted her with a warm hug as soon as she demorphed. She handed the Morpher to Andros.

“Thanks for helping us out, Kim.” Andros said, gratefully to her. He shot her a smile.

“Your welcome, Andros.” Kimberly said and sighed. It was time to return back home to Angel Grove. She looked at Tommy to see if he and Kat were ready to return as well and he saw them nod. What she was shocked to discover is that all of the Rangers and former Rangers were planning to attend Trini’s memorial because Trini had once been a Power Ranger herself. They all headed back to Angel Grove.

Meanwhile back at Angel Grove, it was four hours until the memorial was to begin and several other former Rangers had shown up. Among them were; Adam, Billy, Zach, Tanya, Carter and the rest of Lightspeed, and all six Time Force Rangers along with Alex.

Jason was rushing around trying to finish last minute details before it was time to begin. He stopped long enough to glance at the huge framed picture of Trini Zach had brought with him. In it, she is smiling and wearing a bright yellow outfit she had bought at the mall after shopping with Kimberly. Jason shot the picture a sad smile and cleared his throat. He jumped slightly when he felt a comforting hand being placed on his shoulder. He turned around and was shocked to see who it was” .

Chapter 6

“Geez, Tanya. You scared the crap out of me.” Jason said. He got a worried smile from his friend.

“I’m sorry, Jason. You look like you could use a friend right now, so I thought I’d come over and see how you’re holding up.” She glanced around, not seeing, Kim, Tommy, or the others. “They aren’t back yet?”

Jason shook his head and tried to force a smile, but it didn’t work. “No, not yet. I’m getting worried, Tanya. They should have been back by now and its six and a half hours until the memorial is due to start. Kim was her best friend, so I know Trini would of wanted her to be here.”

“Look, Jase. Don’t force it away if your sad. It‘s understandable that you are.” Tanya said. Then she hugged him.

Jason hugged her back and didn’t let her go yet. This was due to the fact he was now sobbing softly against Tanya’s shoulder. He turned as soon as he heard the others enter the Youth Center. He seemed relieved to see Kimberly and Jesse walk in holding hands. “Boy am I glad to see you guys.” He said. He wiped his eyes quickly on his shirt sleeve and shot them an embarrassed smile.

Kim saw him as they walked in and she let go of Jesse’s hand so she could go over to him. She gave him a friendly hug and she also began to cry in his arms. This turned out to be the first of many times she did sob during the memorial.

The entire ceremony began with each of Trini’s closest friends stepping forward and saying a few words about their deceased friend. Kim was the last to speak, of course. Then, several of the different Yellow Rangers spoke a few words about the original Yellow Ranger, as well as how they felt knowing Trini had died. This proved to be just as difficult. This was mostly due to the fact the original Ranger who replaced her was still in Africa. That of course, was Aisha Campbell. Aisha had chosen to remain in Africa, but she did receive word about Trini’s death and it had hit her hard as well. After the memorial at the Youth Center, they all chose to head to the cemetery to pay their final respects to Trini at her gravesite.

At first, it was each member of the teams, minus the Yellow Rangers. They followed the teams and paused for a brief moment to say their goodbyes. After they had each left, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team was left, along with Tommy to say their own goodbyes. First person to step forward carrying a yellow rose carefully in his right hand was Tommy. He placed the rose carefully by Trini’s headstone and walked away. He was followed by Jason, who also placed a yellow rose on Trini’s headstone. Then, Billy followed this action and then Zach.

Jesse chose to walk up with Kimberly and remained there with her as she placed her pink rose on her best friend’s headstone. She sniffled and let out a soft sob as she stared at Trini’s headstone. On it was written;

Trini Kwan: Friend and Hero

After a few moments, Kim began to cry and had to be led away by Jesse, who took her back to the Youth Center where the others had regathered. They remained there and reminisced for the rest of the evening and well into the night.

Meanwhile on the surface of the moon, Zedd was busy yelling at Goldar and Rito for messing another assault on Earth. He was planning another assault…..for very soon…………


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Discussing Renesmee

Title: Discussing Renesmee
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of Twilight or its characters. I am just a fan.
Summary: After wrapping Christmas gifts, Bella receives a surprise visit from Carlisle. They discuss Bella’s worries for her daughter and about Renesmee’s relationship with Jacob. Carlisle does his best to calm her fears and reassure her it will all work out. Father/Daughter Fic. One-Shot
Disclaimer: I wrote this for my fellow Twilight fan…Kris. Love you much!

It was early evening and Edward Cullen had gone with his brothers to do some hunting. Bella had gone earlier with Rose and Alice. She was just finishing up wrapping Christmas presents for her family when she heard a soft knock on the front door to the cabin. Sensing it was her father-in-law Bella smiled to herself and then went to answer it. She opened the door and said, “Hi Dad. Come on in.” Her tone was slightly sad, which got his attention immediately.

Carlisle sighed, noticing how sad she seemed and promptly asked, “What’s wrong?” He was obviously concerned.

Bella glanced into her father’s eyes and said, “I know Jacob felt he had to imprint on Renesmee but I still can’t help but feel it is dangerous for her. She is so young yet and she should be given the chance to find love on her own. Since Jacob imprinted on her, it makes that impossible now, which doesn’t seem fair to her.”

Carlisle nodded, understanding where she was coming from but said, “Bella, I understand your concerns, but it is Renesmee’s free will which must decide if she chooses Jacob or not. If it is meant to be then she will choose him as her mate. I don’t think his imprinting on her naturally forces her to decide to be with him.

Bella glanced down at the floor, which prompted Carlisle to sit down next to her and loop an arm around her to comfort her. “Are you sure, Dad?” She asked him honestly. She didn’t seem surprised when he nodded to her.

“I don’t think it would be fair Jacob forcing her to choose now while she is so young.” He added in a stern tone. “I will not allow him to do this right now and demand that neither you or Edward allow it either.”

“Agreed.” Bella said simply in reply. “I just hope he doesn’t start making demands of his own.”

“He does and he will have us to deal with.” Carlisle reassured her in that same stern tone. He sighed and asked, “Anything else bothering you?” By now his tone had softened yet again.

Bella shrugged and said, “Usual motherly stuff…well parent stuff.” She got quiet for several seconds before adding, “Renesmee wants to try human school instead of home-school. I’m not sure she is ready for it though. It does mean she won’t be able to use her abilities there and I am not sure what sort of coverstory would work since we can’t say she is me and Edward’s daughter. She looks too old to be our daughter considering she is actually only six years old.”

“We can say she is you and Edward’s niece or a cousin or something.” Carlisle suggested. He shot her a slight smile and added, “Don’t worry. It will all work out.”

Bella smiled back at her father and said, “I know, Dad.”

It was just then, Edward came entering the room along with Emmett and Jasper. It was time for the party to begin.

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Stalker in the CIA 2: The Return of Joshua Dennison

Chapter 1

Sydney Bristow rushed inside the building and nearly bumped into another agent. After a quick apology, she made a beeline for her desk and she sat down in her chair. With a huge sigh, she began to think back to what had happened that morning…..

(Flashback beginning)

Sydney heard a car horn sounding at four in the morning. She got up and looked out her window, but she didn’t see anyone outside. She went back to bed, but she couldn’t fall back to sleep, so she got up. She went downstairs and and she lay down on her living room couch. Her phone rang, just as she turned the television on. She groaned angrily, as she answered it.

“Hi, Sydney.” A familiar voice said. “Remember me?”

Sydney was too shocked to answer him. She quickly hung up the phone. After a few minutes, she picked up the phone again and she dialed her father’s number.

“Hello?” Jack Bristow sleepily said into his phone.

“Dad, it’s me.” Sydney’s voice sounded scared.

“Are you all right? You sound frightened.” He asked her. He sounded worried.

Sydney told him what had happened. She bit her lip to keep from crying, as she told him about the phone call

Jack sighed frustratingly and he said, “We’ll talk to Dixon and hopefully, you won’t have to come face to face with him. After you hang up with me, unplug your phone. I’ll talk to you later at work.”

“Okay, Dad, “Sydney said, with a shaky sigh.

“Hang in there, Sweetheart.” Jack said, reassuringly.

Sydney couldn’t answer. She was crying softly. After a few seconds, she hung up the phone and she got ready for work.

(End of flashback)

“Sydney, are you all right?” Jack asked, as he placed a hand on her shoulder.


Chapter 2

She jumped, clearly startled as she looked up at him. She looked a little embarrassed as she said, “My mind was wandering a little, but yes, I’m fine.”

“Good morning, “Lauren Reed said, as she walked past them. She noticed the frightened look in Sydney’s eyes. “Are you all right, Sydney?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you, Lauren.” Sydney quickly said. She tried as best she could to hide her dislike for Lauren. She stood up and remarked to Jack, “time for morning briefing, Dad. Dixon’s expecting us.”

“Come on.” He said and they quickly walked to the briefing room. Jack sat down in the chair next to his daughter’s. He was still very worried about her.

“All right,” Marcus Dixon said. “From what I was able to find out, Joshua Dennison was released from prison three days ago.” He gave a deep sigh before continuing. “Syd, will you tell me exactly what was said, when Dennison called you this morning please?”

Sydney tried as best she could to hold herself together, as she gave told Dixon about the phone conversation. After she was done, she asked, “any idea where he might be? I’d really like to avoid a repeat of last time. Her voice had been wavering slightly.

I already have Vaughn and Weiss out searching several possible places he might be. I’ll keep you posted.” Dixon said to her. “I do think that until he’s found, you should check into a hotel for a few days.”

“That’s a good idea.” Jack said. “She really shouldn’t be alone. This maniac is capable of anything.”

“I agree,” Dixon said. He kept his focus on Jack as he said, “you’ll go with her and keep Dennison away from her. I’ll call as soon as we have Dennison back in custody.”

Sydney sighed and asked, “When does Kim get back from vacation?”

“Not for another three weeks.” Dixon said. “She took Tori to see her Aunt in Harrisburg.” He let out a deep sigh. “Until Dennison is found, Syd, you are on nonactive duty.”


Chapter 3

Neither Jack nor Sydney responded. They both just turned and left. They walked to Jack’s car and they both got in.

Sydney was about to turn off her cell phone, when it rang. A little startled by its ring, she answered it. “Hello?”

“Hi, Syd. It’s me.” Josh said. “I just had to call you and tell you I know what’s going on. I also wanted to tell you that despite how it ended last year, you’re still the girl for me. He began to laugh, as he waited for her response.

Still feeling worn out from the night before, she hung up on him and put her head back on the head rest. She bit her lip to keep from crying.

“That was him, wasn’t it?” Jack asked. He was very worried about her. “Did he give any clue as to where he was calling from?”

“No, “Sydney answered. Her voice could barely be heard. After sitting quietly for a few minutes, she began to cry softly.

Jack heard his daughter crying and he glanced in her direction. He parked the car in the hotel parking lot and he shut off the engine. Then, he pulled Sydney into his arms. “We’ll catch him, Sweetheart.” He said softly to her, trying to calm her down.

Sydney calmed down after a few minutes and she got out of the car. So did Jack and he led her inside.

They walked up to the front desk and Jack said to the Desk Clerk, “My daughter and I need a room for a few days. Do you have any available?”

“Yes, we do, sir. I just need your names.” The Clerk said.

“Jordan and Beverly Hamilton.” Sydney quickly said. She glanced around the lobby for Joshua and was relieved, when she didn’t see him.

After they finished checking in, Jack and Sydney went upstairs to their rooms to relax. The clerk gave them adjoining rooms, so Jack could keep an eye on Sydney.

Sydney lay down on her bed and she slept for several hours.

Jack went into Sydney’s room long enough to shut her cell phone off and unplug her bed room phone too.

He left the bed room door open and he went back to his room.

Meanwhile, Vaughn and Weiss were having their own problems locating Joshua. They had checked twelve different locations, but they have not yet found him

This is really beginning to piss me off.” Vaughn grumbled. “I mean, where the hell could he be?”

“I don’t know.” Weiss said. “We’ll find him, Vaughn. You just got to have faith.” He continued to drive toward the next possible place.


Chapter 4

Sydney woke up several hours later. She sat up in bed and groaned as she stretched. She looked over at the door connecting her room to her father’s. She noticed that it was closed. “Dad must have gone to get us something to eat.” She murmured to herself, as she got out of bed. She heard the phone ringing in Jack’s room, so she walked over to the door and opened it. Leaving the door open, she walked over to the table next to Jack’s bed and she answered the phone. “Hello?” She said.

“I’m on my way back now.” It was Jack. “They haven’t found Dennison yet. Are you all right?” He sounded worried. He was zigzagging through traffic as he sped back toward the hotel.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m just looking forward to all of this being over soon.” Sydney said and sighed. “I just hate hiding out like this. I want my life back to normal.”

Jack let out a frustrated sigh. “All right. I’ll let Dixon know that you’ll be coming back in.” He said. “We’ll head back to work as soon as we finish eating dinner.”

“Okay.” Sydney said.

Then they both hung up.

Two hours later, everyone met up in the briefing room at JTF Headquarters.

We’ve still had no luck in finding Dennison.” Vaughn said. “We are going to keep looking.” He sounded angry.

“Okay. I have to more teams of agents out looking, too.” Dixon said.

“The sooner you find this son of a bitch, the better.” Sydney said, without even looking up from the file she was reading. She looked up long enough to add, “I want this to be over with-once and for all.”


Chapter 5

“Sydney, get out here now!” Joshua Dennison called out to her. He was standing right outside of the briefing room.

After getting a reassuring look from Jack, Sydney slowly walked out of the room and over to Joshua.

“What do you want?”

“I came here looking for you, Syd.” He said. “You can’t deny the mutual attraction between us.” He seemed amused by the disgusted expression on Sydney’s face.

Facing him with her hands on her hips, she said, “The only thing I feel for you is disgust. Your whole mutual attraction theory is nothing short of false.” She turned and started to walk away from him, but he went after her.

He caught up with her and he shoved her to the ground. He didn’t say anything more. He just signaled for two of his men to come in.

They came in, shortly after Sydney got up from the floor. They were each carrying a gun. Sydney had an angry expression on her face.

A few hours later, a lot of things happened. Joshua’s troops took charge of the building. Dixon, Jack, Vaughn, and several others were placed inside a cell downstairs. Sydney wasn’t put in there with them. She was taken to a different room, where she was put through extensive shock therapy and questioning. She told them nothing. After awhile, they tossed her into a dark and empty room and they left her there.


Chapter 6

Jack, Dixon, and Vaughn lured the guards into the cell, after they managed to escape, and they easily took them into custody. Then, Vaughn went looking for Josh. Jack went in search of Sydney at the same time.
After ten minutes of searching, Vaughn found him in Dixon’s office. He was sitting in the desk chair. Vaughn did a flying leap over the desk and he wrestled Joshua to the floor. After delivering several punches to Joshua’s face, he finally knocked him unconscious. Then, he dumped him in a separate cell and locked the door.

Jack went from room to room, searching for Sydney. He finally found her unconscious on the floor and he quickly rushed over to check on her.

Sydney slowly opened her eyes and she looked up at him. “Dad?” She said. She was still very groggy. “Did anyone take Dennison into custody?”

“Yes. Vaughn took care of him.” Jack said. “It’s finally over for good.” He helped her to her feet and he hugged her.

She hugged him back and burst into tears. She was so relieved that her nightmare was finally over.

Jack walked her to medical services. Then, they both met with Dixon.

Joshua Dennison was sentenced to ten years in prison for violating parole and attempting to take over a government installation. He was never heard from again.


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