Discussing Renesmee

Title: Discussing Renesmee
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of Twilight or its characters. I am just a fan.
Summary: After wrapping Christmas gifts, Bella receives a surprise visit from Carlisle. They discuss Bella’s worries for her daughter and about Renesmee’s relationship with Jacob. Carlisle does his best to calm her fears and reassure her it will all work out. Father/Daughter Fic. One-Shot
Disclaimer: I wrote this for my fellow Twilight fan…Kris. Love you much!

It was early evening and Edward Cullen had gone with his brothers to do some hunting. Bella had gone earlier with Rose and Alice. She was just finishing up wrapping Christmas presents for her family when she heard a soft knock on the front door to the cabin. Sensing it was her father-in-law Bella smiled to herself and then went to answer it. She opened the door and said, “Hi Dad. Come on in.” Her tone was slightly sad, which got his attention immediately.

Carlisle sighed, noticing how sad she seemed and promptly asked, “What’s wrong?” He was obviously concerned.

Bella glanced into her father’s eyes and said, “I know Jacob felt he had to imprint on Renesmee but I still can’t help but feel it is dangerous for her. She is so young yet and she should be given the chance to find love on her own. Since Jacob imprinted on her, it makes that impossible now, which doesn’t seem fair to her.”

Carlisle nodded, understanding where she was coming from but said, “Bella, I understand your concerns, but it is Renesmee’s free will which must decide if she chooses Jacob or not. If it is meant to be then she will choose him as her mate. I don’t think his imprinting on her naturally forces her to decide to be with him.

Bella glanced down at the floor, which prompted Carlisle to sit down next to her and loop an arm around her to comfort her. “Are you sure, Dad?” She asked him honestly. She didn’t seem surprised when he nodded to her.

“I don’t think it would be fair Jacob forcing her to choose now while she is so young.” He added in a stern tone. “I will not allow him to do this right now and demand that neither you or Edward allow it either.”

“Agreed.” Bella said simply in reply. “I just hope he doesn’t start making demands of his own.”

“He does and he will have us to deal with.” Carlisle reassured her in that same stern tone. He sighed and asked, “Anything else bothering you?” By now his tone had softened yet again.

Bella shrugged and said, “Usual motherly stuff…well parent stuff.” She got quiet for several seconds before adding, “Renesmee wants to try human school instead of home-school. I’m not sure she is ready for it though. It does mean she won’t be able to use her abilities there and I am not sure what sort of coverstory would work since we can’t say she is me and Edward’s daughter. She looks too old to be our daughter considering she is actually only six years old.”

“We can say she is you and Edward’s niece or a cousin or something.” Carlisle suggested. He shot her a slight smile and added, “Don’t worry. It will all work out.”

Bella smiled back at her father and said, “I know, Dad.”

It was just then, Edward came entering the room along with Emmett and Jasper. It was time for the party to begin.

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