Stalker in the CIA

Disclamer-I have nothing to do with Alias.
Author’s Brief Note- Please R and R.

Sydney Bristow quickly walked into headquarters and she went right to her desk. She sat in her chair and she opened a case file, that had just been placed on her desk.

“Hi, Sydney.” Joshua Dennison called out to her. He was sitting at his own desk, doing paperwork, too.

“Hi, ” Sydney said, not really paying attention to him. She looked at her watch to check the time. Then, she got up and went into the Briefing Room. She wasn’t really comfortable with the way Josh stared at her, but she didn’t want to make a big deal about it. So she let it go. She quietly took a seat and she waited for the briefing to start.

“Syd, are you all right?” Dixon asked, as soon as he saw how uncomfortable she looked. “Your not usually this quiet.”

Sydney looked up at him and answered, “I’m fine.” She noticed the looks everyone else was giving her, but she ignored them. After the briefing was over, the others quickly left the room. Sydney stayed in there and did her paperwork.

“Syd, you okay? Your morning briefing is over.” Josh said. He was standing in the doorway.

Sydney sighed and said, “Josh, why don’t you go get your work done and leave me alone to do mine?” She was getting angry.

“Sure, Syd. No problem.” He said and he walked away.

It was then, that she noticed that the door was wide open. Damn it.” She mumbled to herself. Then, she went back to work.

Time: 9:30 P.M.
Place: China

Sydney and Michael Vaughn were sent to retrieve a computer disk, which had a list of all U.S. CIA Agents on it. They had to get it from K Directorate’s newest headquarters. Sydney was a little distracted as she got ready to go inside the building.

Vaughn noticed this and he asked, “Is everything all right? You seem distracted.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Sydney quickly said. She knew that her father was listening from Base Ops, and she didn’t want to worry him.

As Sydney got out of the van, Vaughn said to her, “Be careful, Syd. And good luck.”

“I will.” She told him. She closed the van door and she started to walk up to the building. “Base Ops, this is Mointaineer. I’m going in.”

“Copy that, Mountaineer.” Jack said over his headset. “Be careful.”

“I will, Dad.” Sydney said, as she went inside. She began to look around as soon as she got inside.

Marshall, who was also on a headset, said, “Okay, Mountaineer. Go to the right and its the first door on the left.”

“Copy that.” Sydney said. She followed his directions exactly. She didn’t notice, when she tripped a silent alarm.

Marshall caught it right away and he quickly said, “Mountaineer, an alarm has been triggered. Guards are on their way to your location.”

“Sydney, abort and get out of there!” Jack ordered her.

A team of four guards, came after Sydney, but was able to fight them all off.

Vaughn heard the fighting sounds and he scrambled out of the van. He rushed inside and he found her. “Sydney! You all right?”

Sydney groaned and said, “yeah.” She turned and headed toward the room.

“Syd, your dad said to abort!” Vaughn said, as he followed her.

Sydney didn’t answer him. She kept going toward the room.

Vaughn went with her, just in case their were any more guards. He knew Jack would have something to say about all of this, when they get back to L.A.

He was right.

Jack met them at the airport, when they got back. As soon as he spotted Sydney coming through the gate, he walked right up to her. He asked, “What happened back there? I told you to abort.”

Sydney said to him, “I saw a second chance to finish the mission and I took it.” She sighed tiredly.

“What’s wrong? You haven’t been yourself for a few weeks now.” Jack asked, in a concerned voice. He could tell she was close to tears, so he took her suitcase from her and he led her to his car. As soon as they got into his car, he asked, “What is it?”

“I’ve been getting harrassed by someone at work. He’s been sending me flowers and stuff.” She said, as she pulled a few notes out of her pocket. “Lately, his notes have gotten really creepy.” She handed them to him and burst into tears.

He hugged her and asked, “Who is he?”

“Joshua Dennison. Its the guy I told off in the Conference Room yesterday.” She said, sniffling. “I figured you had already heard about it.”

“Yeah, I did. I just didn’t know why, til now.” Have you talked to anyone else about this? Besides me, I mean.” Jack said.

Sydney shook her head.

Jack drove her home. Then, he called Dixon from her apartment. He told him the enite thing.

“I was wondering why she didn’t seem like herself lately. All right. I’ll take care of it.” Dixon said. Then, he hung up.

As soon as Jack hung up the phone, it rang again. Jack answered it. “Hello?”

“May I speak to Sydney please? Its kind of important.” It was Josh.

“She’s gone to bed. May I take a message?” Jack asked him.

“No thanks. I’ll just see her tomorrow at work.” Josh said. He knew it was Jack. “Good night.” Then, he hung up.

So did Jack.

Sydney came from the kitchen. She was carrying two cups of coffee. Shw handed one to Jack and she asked, “Was it him on the phone?” She sat down next to him on the couch.

“yeah. I told him that you went to bed. He said that he would just see you tomorrow at work.” Jack said, as he set his cup down.

Sydney yawned as she started to relax. “Did you talk to Dixon?”

Jack nodded and said, “He said that he would take care of it.” He put his arm around his daughter. “How are you doing? You okay?”

“Yeah. It just feels good to be able to talk to someone about this.” She said to him.

“Why didn’t you come to me sooner?”He asked her calmly. “Sweetheart, I want to help you anyway I can.”

“I know you do, Dad.” Sydney said. She closed her eyes soon after and fell asleep.

When Jack noticed this, he got a blanket from the closet and he covered her with it. Then, he left, making sure he locked the door, before he did.

The next morning, Sydney was late getting to work. She quietly slipped into a seat in morning briefing, and couldn’t help but notice the worried look Jack gave her. She shot him a smile to let him know she was all right.

Dixon filled her in on what she had missed so far.

After the briefing was over, everyone else left the room, except for Jack and Sydney. He noticed that she didn’t get up from her seat and he came over to her. “You okay?” He asked her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said. “My alarm didn’t go off this morning.”

“Having one of those kind of days, huh?” He asked her.

“Yeah.” She glanced out at her desk and noticed that another bouquet of flowers were there and she sighed.

Jack saw them too. “Damn it! Dixon told him to stop.”

Sydney got up from her chair and she said, “I think its time that I talked to him again.”

“Bring him to Interrogation Room 3. I’m going to be in there this time.” Jack said.

“okay.” She said and she left the room. She went to get Josh. She found him at his desk.

Josh looked up and said, “Hi, Sydney. What’s up?” He stood up.

“I need to talk to you, Josh. Come with me please.” Sydney said.

He followed her to the interrogation room and they went inside together. He was a little surprised to see Jack sitting at the table. He quickly turned to Sydney and asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“We just wanted to talk to you privately.” Jack said to him.

Sydney shoved Josh into a chair and she asked, “Why have you been harrassing me?”

“Because I like you. Why? Is that so wrong?” Josh asked her.

Sydney yanked him out of the chair and said angrily, “You’ve been warned several times that I do not feel the same way toward you so knock it off! No more flowers, candy, or love notes! none of it! You give me one more thing and i swear I will kill you myself!” She slammed him against a wall and added, “you got that? Huh?”

He shoved her off and he left the room. He didn’t say a word. He had heard enough.

Sydney and Jack exchanged a knowing look. Then, they both went back to work.

Later that evening, Sydney came home to discover that someone had broken into her apartment. She quickly went through and made a list of missing posessions. Then, she called Jack.

He booked her into a hotel and he told her that he’d be over in the morning. He also told her to get some rest.

Sydney went to the hotel, but she didn’t get much sleep that night. Josh kept calling her to laugh about what he did.

She was an hour late meeting Jack at her place the next morning. She found his car already sitting in the driveway. He was sitting in it. Sydney sighed as she pulled her car into the driveway next to her dad’s and shut off the engine. “Sorry, Dad.” She said, as she got out of the car. “I had a rough night. Josh kept calling me to laugh at what he did.”

After hearing that, Jack took Sydney inside so she could lay down for awhile. Jack quietly cleaned the place up for her, while she slept. He also made sure the phones were unplugged and her cellphone was turned off. Jack kept his turned on in case of an emergency.

By the time she woke up, it was seven in the evening. Jack was sitting in the living room watching the news. He didn’t even notice Sydney was up, til she sat down next to him on the couch and asked, “how long did I sleep for?”

He looked over at her and said, “You must of been pretty tired, Sweetheart. You slept all day.” He noticed that she looked a little pale. “Are you feeling all right?”

Sydney shook her head. Then, she laid her head down on Jack’s shoulder and reclosed her eyes.

He slipped his arm around her and within minutes, they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Jack called both himself and Sydney in sick. Dixon understood and he told them to get well soon.

Sydney was still asleep on the couch, as he talked on the phone. “Dad?” She said, waking up. She looked around, but didn’t see him.

Jack was in the kitchen getting her some breakfast. When it was ready, he brought it in to her. “Are you feeling any better?” He asked, as he set the tray down on her lap. She had already sat up.

“A little. Did you talk to Dixon?” She asked him, as she began to eat.

“I called in for today, but he gave us the week off. He felt we both needed it.” Jack said and he smiled at her.

She grinned back and said, “Yeah, I know. Its the first time our vacations were at the same time.”

He looked at her seriously and said, “I don’t want to catch you on that phone for three days. All right?”

“All right, Dad. The phones stay off.” She said, trying not to smile again.

After she finished eating, she went to take a shower and change her clothes. When she came back, she heard the doorbell ring. She checked to see who it was and gasped.

It was Josh. He was carrying three white roses and a letter in his hands. He was smiling, as he waited for her to answer the door.

Sydney backed away from the door. “Oh my God. Dad, he’s here!” She called out.

Josh rang the bell again. He called out to her, “come on, Syd! I know your in there! Let me in, or I’ll break it down!” He was extremely angry.

“Get out of here!” Sydney shouted at him. “Now!” She was glad the door was locked.

“Fine! But I will be back, Sydney! Its going to take more than a few threats to get rid of me.” He said. He left a few minutes later.

Sydney went over to the couch and she sat down. She was shaking badly. She was angry with herself, for being so scared. She was sitting there crying, when Jack came back.

He had gone to the store, while Sydney was showering. As soon as he saw how scared she was, he dropped the bags he was carrying, and he rushed over to her. “He was here, wasn’t he?” Jack asked her. He hugged her tightly, noticing how bad she was shaking from fear.

After she fell asleep, Jack called Dixon and asked that Josh be taken into custody for stalking Sydney. Dixon agreed and said he would handle it. Then, Dixon asked how Sydney was doing. Jack told him.

Vaughn, Weiss, and Lauren were sent to get Josh. He had locked himself in his house. He had pictures of Sydney taped all over the house. He also kept playing CDs that he had stolen, when he broke into Sydney’s apartment.

“Agent Dennison, open the door!” Lauren yelled to him from the other side of the door.

Weiss tried. “Come on, Josh! Open the door!”

Josh refused. He ran upstairs and he climbed out his bedroom window. He wasn’t counting on Vaughn being at the bottom, when he climbed down the rope ladder.

When Sydney woke up three hours later, Jack was relieved to tell her that Josh was arrested and put in jail.

Sydney was both shocked and relieved to be told this. After a few minutes, she asked, “Its finally over?” Then, she dissolved into tears.

Jack took her into his arms and he said, “Its finally over, Sydney. Josh is in jail, where he belongs.” He continued to hold his daughter protectively in his arms, as she cried.


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iMiss Mom

I have no control or ownership of the series iCarly. I am just one of its many fans(despite my age!). Yes, I am a Creddie Shipper!

iMiss Mom

“Okay. Before we sign off tonight, I’d like to take the time to remind you viewers that we do not view or will post porno videos on the iCarly site. I say this because we recently were emailed several, which is against TOS rules for the host.” I pointed out with a stern look on my 13 year old face.

I glance over at my best friend, Sam Puckett just in time to hear her add, “That’s right, You Perverts out there. We will delete any emails with these kinds of videos so do not send them.” She then nodded to our Tech producer and the third member of the iCarly trio. His name is Freddie Benson.

Freddie grinned as he hit the switch to go to Camera B, which means he was going to join us on the makeshift stage. Before he did, he opened the studio door and held it as my older brother, Spencer carried a double chocolate cake into the studio. Their was lighted candles on it, which made me smile. They had remembered it was my birthday.

Spencer set the cake down and then turned to the camera as Freddie moved behind the table Sam and him had set up in a corner of the stage. They finished singing Happy Birthday just mere seconds before I made a wish and blew out the candles. “Thanks to all of you who sent cards and birthday wishes to Carly. We will make sure she sees them.” He said.

Freddie then moved over to his tech cart and said, “And we are clear.” He shot grins at us as we began munching on cake. He and Sam chatted, so they didn’t notice that I had stopped eating mine. I set my plate down and moved over to the open window at the rear of the studio and looked out at the stars. I let out a soft sigh, which got my brother’s attention. Spencer set his own plate down and came over to me. He looked worried. “You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I said, although I was blinking back tears. “I’m just missing Mom.” My eyes met his, which also appeared sad. We wordlessly exchanged a hug and remained this way for several minutes before the other two came over to make sure we were okay.

First of all, I am Carly Shay. I live with my big brother, Spencer because he looks after me while our dad is overseas for the military. Our mom died a long time ago. We live across the hall from Freddie and his mom. Freddie is okay but in my honest opinion, his mother may have a screw or two loose. She is seriously overprotective of Freddie.

Freddie has had a crush on me for years, but I preferred just being friends. I do think he is kind of cute. Don’t get me wrong. I just prefer the brother-sister type of relationship we have.

Later on after both Sam and Freddie had left to head home, I wound up watching TV in my bedroom on my big screen TV my dad let Spencer buy me when I got my report card last month. I was watching some movie on TV, when I heard a knock on my door. “Come in.” I said, not looking away from the movie.

Spencer poked his head through the door and asked, “You okay? I was worried after earlier.” He came inside the room and walked over to me.

“I’m fine. I’ve just been thinking about Mom a lot lately.” I said to my brother. I sighed and added, “And missing her too.”

Spencer pulled me so I was sitting up and immediately pulled me into his arms. “I miss Mom too, Carls.” He said, noticing my eyes were filling with tears. He sighed softly as he held me close. This is one of those times I love living with my brother. He heard me start to softly sob and immediately held me even closer. “Shhhh. I miss Mom too, sis.” He softly said to me as he continued to hold me. He wound up sleeping in my room with me that night, holding me close. I think he could tell I needed him to.

The next morning when I woke up, Spencer had already gone from my room and was working on breakfast in the kitchen. Usually when I am upset, he spoils me by making me his own special pancakes to cheer me up. It always works, too. When I emerged from upstairs, I found him in the kitchen making breakfast. We exchanged good mornings and he turned toward the stove just as I found a note next to my plate at the kitchen table.

Noticing I saw it, Spencer grinned as he left the kitchen momentarily just to give me some time alone so that I could read it. I opened the note and read what it said;

I miss Mom too during birthdays and holidays so you aren’t alone. You remind me and Dad so much of her. I know I never say it but you are as beautiful as she was. I do have some old pictures and stuff of Mom so neither of us or even Dad will ever forget her.
Remember I am always here for you when you need me.
I love you, sis.

Love, Spencer

I grinned as he re-folded the note and placed it back down on the place next to my plate. When I spotted my brother return, I immediately said, “I love you too, Spencer.”

He shot me a grin but this time we didn’t exchange hugs. It was times like this we didn’t really need to.

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Title: Thankful
Rating:PG(K + for
Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight. It belongs to Stephenie Meyer.
Summary: While out playing with Emmett, Renesmee falls out of a tree and breaks her wrist. She is then forced to confront her fear of doctors when she realizes she must see her Grandfather in order to get it fixed.

Chapter 1 – Hide & Seek
(Renesmee POV)

I was outside playing hide and seek with Uncle Emmett. Mom and Dad had gone on a second honeymoon so I was staying with the family at the main house until they got back. Luckily, Gram and Grandpa forgave Dad for the broken bed on Isle Esme(which is where they had decided to go).

Anyway, it was Uncle Emmett’s turn to count so I was being careful where I chose to hide. Knowing how much of a big bear my uncle is, I decided not to hide somewhere in plain sight. I chose to climb up a tree and hide there quietly. A soft giggle erupted from my throat as I watched him search anxiously for me. I glanced to the path and saw Aunt Rosalie walking toward him.

“Where’s Renesmee?” She asked him worriedly.

“We’re playing hide and seek.” He explained. He saw her nod which forced a grin from me. He heard me giggle a second time and both of them looked up into the trees scanning them for some glimpse of me. It was Aunt Rose who spotted me first.

“Renesmee!” She shouted as she raced over to the tree I was up in. Glancing to Emmett, she said to her husband, “Go up and get her.”

He nodded but just as he was about to begin his climb, I slipped, banging my wrist and fell from the tree. I yelped in pain as my eyes filled with tears. He did manage to catch me but my wrist was clearly broken. With me still in his arms, he raced me back to the house.

When we arrived, both Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme were there waiting. Grandpa took me from Emmett and he carried up to his office.

He set me carefully down on the couch in his office and then he got what he needed to fix my wrist. He then sat down on the couch next to me and pulled me into his lap. He could tell I was scared so he carefully hugged me and whispered, “It’s okay, Sweetie. I won’t hurt you. I just need to fix your wrist.”

I nodded and let him. It hurt badly but it did make my wrist feel better once he was finished. I was crying by the time he finished resetting it so he held me while I cried. He then put it in a pink colored cast, which I knew I would only need for a few days since I am a fast healer thanks to my vampire half.

Afterwards, he carried me down stairs and got me a small bowl of ice cream, which he knew I loved. He also promised to punish Uncle Emmett for not keeping a better eye on me. I ate my ice cream just as Aunt Rose returned.

Meanwhile, Grandpa walked off just as Grandma came in the kitchen to sit with me while I ate my ice cream. He went to find Uncle Emmett.


Chapter 2 – Punishments
(Carlisle POV)

I found my son in his room and I ordered him to meet me in my office. Emmett attempted to say he’d be there in an hour, but I refused to put this off due to the fact his irresponsibility caused my granddaughter to get injured. He did as he was told and met me in my office. I firstly wanted his side before I doled out punishment just in case but this was clearly him not paying good enough attention to his niece’s whereabouts.

I listened as he said, “It was my turn to count during our game of hide and seek. I covered my eyes and began to count. When I opened them, I didn’t see her anywhere so I started looking for her. That was when Rose showed up. She spotted Ness up in a tree and we both ran over to her. She slipped and hit her wrist as she was falling. Their was nothing I could do, Carlisle. I swear.”

I softly sighed and asked, “Did she hit the ground or did one of you catch her?”

“I caught her.” He said, honestly.

I nodded, realizing this wouldn’t of happened if Emmett would of just told her not to climb any trees in the first place. I said this to him, too. I then made up my mind as far as his punishment. It also meant I would unfortunately have to punish my granddaughter as well. “For the next three weeks, neither of you may play hide and seek either inside the house or outside….at all.”

“Yes, Sir.” My son said with a sad nod. I knew he would react this way since this is their favorite game to play. But with her mother and father away on vacation, I gave my word I would care for their daughter.

Let’s just say Renesmee didn’t take this punishment any better than her uncle. She got upset and stormed out of my office. She went to her bedroom(Edward and Bella’s room when they stay over) and sulked. She stayed there until Esme finished cooking her favorite meal; macaroni and cheese with bacon. She also added a small cup of animal blood for her to drink.

Renesmee’s mood improved shortly after finishing her meal so I offered to let her watch a movie. She accepted and I set up her favorite; The Little Mermaid. We sat in the livingroom watching the Disney movie happily. At the same time, I couldn’t help but be thankful my granddaughter wasn’t hurt worse than she was.

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Green With Jealousy

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Obi-Wan begins training Kayla Trono, but trouble begins not long after and Kayla’s life is put at risk due to an unexpected jealousy.

Disclaimer: I have no connections to the cast, crew, or the makers of Star Wars. I’m just a huge fan.

Author’s Note: This fic takes place not long after the death of Qui-Gon. Yes, this is AU!




Chapter 1-Meeting With Master Windu

Kayla stared at the framed picture of her father, as she sat on her bed and sighed sadly. She set the picture down, when she heard Master Obi-Wan Kenobi calling out for her. “Coming, Master!” She called back, as she stood up. Wiping away a few stray tears, she headed out of her room and met Obi-Wan in the hall.

He glanced up from a letter he had been reading. “Are you all right, Kayla? You look like you’ve been crying.” He said as soon as he saw the expression on her face. He sounded concerned.

“I’m fine, Master. I was just thinking about my father and it made me sad.” She faked a small smile to prove she was all right.

He just nodded and said, “I know you miss him. I miss Master Qui-Gon too. It’s normal to miss those that have died. Especially when they are those that are close to us.” He shot her a sympathetic smile.

Thank you, Master.” Kayla said. Then, she asked, “Was there something you needed?”

“We’ve been ordered by the Council to go to the outer rim of Naboo to handle a trade dispute. They are well aware that you haven’t been there since your father was killed. They are also aware that he was killed there too, but our presence is desperately needed.” Obi-Wan said.

“I understand, Master.” Kayla said and sighed. “How soon do we leave?” She looked away, as Master Mace Windu walked past them. She nodded a greeting and managed a slight smile.

He looked at them and asked, “I should of told you before, but the two of you will have to take Anakin with you too.”

Kayla and Obi-Wan nodded in agreement, as Master Windu started to walk away. He got as far as a few feet away, when he remembered something. He turned around and added, “The three of you will leave within the hour.”

Kayla nodded at the same time as Obi-Wan said, “Yes, Master.”

Then, Master Windu walked away from them. He headed toward the temple to talk to Master Yoda.

Kayla and Obi-Wan went to find Anakin. They stopped just outside of his room and Obi-Wan knocked on the door. He could hear soft crying coming from inside the young boy’s room, so he left Kayla in the hallway, while he went inside to check on Anakin.

Anakin was sitting on his bed. His back was toward the doorway and his shoulders were shaking, as he wept.

Obi-Wan went over to him and he held the young boy. He spoke soft words of sympathy and support as he did. He knew that not only did Anakin miss Qui-Gon. He was also crying because he misses his mother too.

After Anakin calmed down, he shot an embarrassed smile toward Obi-Wan. He was given a smile in return.

“It’s all right, Anakin. No need to apologize.” Obi-Wan said reassuringly. Remembering Kayla was still in the hallway, he called out to her.

She walked into the room and approached them both. “Is he all right, Master?” She asked, worriedly.

After reaching for a tissue and blowing his nose in it, Anakin nodded and Kayla smiled sympathetically. “I miss my father too, Ani. It’s okay.” She walked over to him and gave him a hug.

“Thanks, Kayla.” Anakin said to her, as he stood up. “What’s going on? Did we get an assignment from the Council?”

Obi-Wan filled him in on their assignment. He was proud of Kayla for being so supportive of Anakin. He was well aware that she knew how rough it has been on the boy ever since Qui-Gon Jinn was killed. He stood up and said, “we should get going.”

Both Anakin and Kayla responded by saying, “yes, Master.” Then, they followed him out of the room and toward their transport. All three were carrying light sabers in their belt loops and a serious expression on their faces.

What neither Kayla or Obi-Wan knew was that Anakin was also hiding a different emotion back from them. This was jealousy. He felt that if Obi-Wan had never of found Kayla in that prison and rescued her, he would be his Master’s only apprentice. He also wouldn’t have to share him with Kayla.

Anakin was quiet the entire trip to Naboo. He read a book he had brought with him. He didn’t seem to notice that Kayla glanced over at him a few times to make sure he was all right.




Chapter 2-Arrival On Naboo

After awhile, Kayla fell asleep, but it wasn’t a peaceful sleep. After an hour, she woke up shaking from fear. She was terrified. She let out a shaky sigh, as she quickly glanced over at Obi-Wan.

Sensing that something was wrong, he hurried back to his seat, which was right next to Kayla’s. He sat down and he pulled his young Padawan into his arms for a hug to try and calm her down. After sobbing for several minutes, she gradually fell asleep.

Several hours later, they reached Naboo. Anakin stood up and he walked over to where Obi-Wan was gently shaking Kayla awake. She groaned, as she slowly opened her deep green eyes and she looked at Obi-Wan. Realizing her cheeks were still wet from crying a second time, she wiped her tears away and shot him an apologetic smile.

“We’ve arrived on Naboo, Master.” Anakin reported to them. He quickly glanced in Kayla’s direction. “Are you all right?” He sounded a little concerned about her.

“I’ll be fine, Ani. Thank you.” She said to him. “We better go.” She glanced at Obi-Wan and he nodded in agreement. He stood up and with his Padawans following, he headed out and toward the Queen’s castle.

About halfway to the castle, the three had to go over a quiet part of town. There was no one out walking and the windows were covered up with white cloth.

“That’s strange. I was under the impression they knew we were coming.” Obi-Wan said.

Master, someone or something is watching us. I’m sensing a disturbance in the force.” Kayla reported to him. She tried desperately to remain calm, as she scoped the area.

“I sense it too, Master.” Anakin agreed.

“Stay alert.” Obi-Wan told them. Sighing, he said, “I sense it too.”







Chapter 3-Dangers At Every Turn

As they continued to walk, the three of them were quiet. None of them noticed when a strange man walked over to them. He approached Kayla, offering a flower to her. “For the lady of your group, Master Jedi.” He said. Then, he walked away quickly.

Kayla sighed. “That was weird.” She said. She cradled the flower in her hand, until she pricked her thumb on a thorn from the flower. “Ouch!” She immediately started to feel lightheaded and she dropped to her knees.

Anakin knelt down next to her, as Obi-Wan stomped on the flower with his boot. Then he knelt down on Kayla’s other side. He looked genuinely concerned. “Kayla, are you all right?” He asked.

She couldn’t answer. She collapsed into his arms.

“We need to find shelter fast.” Obi-Wan said, as he scanned the area around them. It was then that he spotted the Queen’s castle not far from them. “There!”

Nodding in agreement, Anakin said, “Let’s go!”

Obi-Wan carried the young girl to the Queen’s castle and they went inside. Sighing, he laid Kayla down and he knelt down next to her, as one of the Queen’s bodyguards came rushing over to them.

“What happened?” The bodyguard asked, as he knelt down next to them. “Who is she?”

Brushing a hair out of Kayla’s eyes, Anakin said, “Kayla Trono. She’s Master Kenobi’s other Padawan Learner.” Glancing at Obi-Wan, they both noticed the sadness in each other’s eyes.

“It was a blue and pink flower. We need to know if there is some kind of antidote.” Obi-Wan said. He looked up at the Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard looked very serious, as he said, “There is no known cure. The flower you spoke of can only be found up in the mountains. Our scientists have never done tests on those flowers, so we don’t know much about them.”

“Is their anyone who might? The flower was given to her by a guy in a red robe.” Anakin said.

The Bodyguard’s eyes looked at him in shock. “Red robe? The guy was a Sith in disguise.”

Obi-Wan and Anakin both looked stunned. “The wrong person knows we’re here then. It must have been a poison posy.” Obi-Wan said and sighed frustrated.

Anakin nodded in agreement. “We need to know more about them and get an antidote. Master, we can’t lose Kayla.”

“We won’t, my Padawan.” Obi-Wan said, reassuringly. He placed a calming hand on Anakin’s shoulder.






Chapter 4-Kayla’s Nightmare


Kayla moaned, as she dreamt. “Dad.” She softly cried in her sleep. Her eyelashes fluttered as her dream got even more intense……

She was running from house to house looking for her father. She could sense that he was in one of them and that he was in pain. “Dad!” She screamed, as she continued to look. She came to one final house. It wasn’t locked, so she turned the handle on the door. Her eyes opened wide, as she began to walk inside. “Dad?” She said, again as she looked around. “Where are you?”

Kayla, find me!” Ren’s voice called out. “Please, Baby!” His voice was full of desperation and pain.

Daddy!” She screamed. She walked up the staircase to the second floor and she opened door after door. Someone prevented her from opening the last door. She could hear her father’s voice on the other side of it. “Dad, open the door!”

It’s not real, Kayla.” It was now Obi-Wan’s voice that she was hearing. “Your father isn’t here.”

How do I turn this dream around, Master?” She asked him.

By focusing on the moment. Don’t lose yourself in the dream.” He said to her.

She nodded sleepily, as she began to awaken. She knew before she had woken up, that he was sitting next to her. “Master?”

“It’s all right. I’m here, Kayla.” Obi-Wan said, trying to calm her. He had come to check on her. She was now laying down on a cot, in what looked like a medical facility.

“I thought I heard my father in the dream. It sounded just like him.” She said. She sounded scared, yet tired.

He sighed, as he placed his hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her. “Dreams are like that, my Padawan. They tend to fool you into thinking that your hearing those that you have lost.” His voice was soft and reassuring.

“I heard you too.” She said.

“All I did was bring you out of your dream.” He explained. “Why don’t you get some rest? Anakin went to help them find an antidote.”

“Yes, Master.” She said. She closed her eyes, as she allowed herself to relax enough to go back to sleep. She mumbled to herself, as she drifted off to sleep.

He sat with her for the next few hours, as she slept. He was incredibly worried about her. He hoped Anakin would return soon with the antidote. He let out a tired and sad sigh, as he glanced at Kayla. He was relieved that she was now in a peaceful slumber. He just hoped it would remain that way for awhile.






Chapter 5-Finding The Antidote


Anakin worked quickly in the lab. He hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the antidote was developed. He was beginning to feel bad for the thoughts he had about Kayla. He watched, as one of the scientists

examined one of the flowers under a microscope and he sighed. “Anything that I can do to help?” He asked.

The scientist glanced up at him and nodded. “We need another flower like this one. It’s so we can make enough to help your friend.” He sighed, as he glanced in Anakin’s direction. “If we don’t get this made in time, she may die before the hour is up.”

“Then, I better hurry. Let Master Kenobi know where I went. I’ll be back as soon as I can-with the flower.” Anakin said, as he rushed over to the doorway. Make sure the rest of the antidote ingredients are ready, by the time I get back.” Then, he rushed out the door and he headed for the mountains.

He searched for the next forty-five minutes, before he found the flower. Unfortunately, it would take him twenty minutes to get back. He knew he was cutting the time close, but after the way he had behaved towards Kayla, he felt he owed it to her. He quickly headed back to the lab and the antidote was quickly made.

He rushed into the facility, with the doctor close behind him. “Master, we have the antidote.” He said, as he rushed to Kayla’s bedside. He took her hand in his own, as the antidote was injected into her arm.

She groaned softly in pain, as she opened her eyes slightly. She looked directly at Anakin and said, “Thank you.”

He smiled lightly at her. “Your welcome. Just be careful the next time a nice guy offers you a flower, okay?” He joked.

“Don’t worry, Ani.” She said, calling him by his childhood nickname. “From now on, the only flowers I will accept, will be from you or Master Obi-Wan.” She let herself relax, as she drifted back to sleep.

“Will she be all right?” Obi-Wan asked the doctor. They moved away from the two children, so they could speak privately. Obi-Wan still seemed concerned.

The doctor still seemed concerned. “We won’t know if the antidote will work for another hour. She’s still very weak. Does she have any living parents?”

“No. She lives with me at the Jedi Temple. She became my legal ward shortly after her father was killed here on Naboo. That was a few months ago.” Obi-Wan explained to the doctor.

“So, your actually her foster parent, so to speak?” He asked. He wasn’t too surprised, when he received a nod in response. “Very well. I’ll keep you informed of her condition, Master Kenobi.” Then he walked away and left. He headed back to the lab.

Obi-Wan returned to Kayla’s beside.






Chapter 6-Visit From Padme

Anakin was staring out a window on the opposite side of the room, so he didn’t see a beautiful young woman walk in. She walked directly over to Kayla’s cot and she gently touched Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “Obi-Wan?” She said, softly.

He smiled, when he looked up at her. “Hello.” He yawned tiredly.

“I heard about Kayla. Is their anything I can do?” She asked.

He shook his head. “I wish there was. I’m afraid its all up to Kayla now.” He sounded sad, as he spoke. “I just hope she doesn’t give up.”

Padme sat down and the two old friends chatted softly for awhile. He spoke of how proud he was of both Kayla and Anakin. He also spoke of how this was affecting him. After awhile, she stood up and left.

Obi-Wan sat there thinking about what him and Padme had discussed. He looked over and noticed that Kayla was beginning to wake up again. “Kayla?” He said, as he leaned forward a little.

Hearing his voice, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. “Master.” She said, and smiled slightly. “Anakin?”

Hearing Kayla say his name, Anakin hurried over to her. “I’m here, Kayla. How are you feeling?” He asked, giving Obi-Wan a worried glance.

She groaned and said, “not as tired as I was before.” She sighed. “How long am I going to have to remain lying down? I’d like to sit up.”

They helped her to, just as the doctor came in. He examined her and they were all pleased to hear that she would be fine. He left and they chatted happily for the next few hours. By now, Anakin had overcome his jealousy of Kayla and the two were getting along once again.

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