Through the Eyes of Sorrow

Title: Through the Eyes of Sorrow
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I have no connections to the Power Rangers in any way. I’m just a fan. Also, I do not own the character of Jesse Wilder. He is an OC a close friend uses on Power Ranger Legacy.
Shippers: Tommy/Kat, Kim/Jesse
Summary: After receiving a heartbreaking phone call, the former Rangers all gather together to honor the original Yellow Ranger following her sudden death.
Dedication: This fanfic is in loving memory of the Original Yellow Ranger played by Thuy Trang. We miss you, Trini!

Chapter 1

It was a gorgeous day and Kimberly Hart was just getting ready for her morning training at Coach Schmidt’s gym. She hummed to herself as she threw the last of her things in her dark purple shoulder bag and she slung it over her shoulder. She was just about to leave her apartment when she heard her phone ring. She walked over to the end table next to the television set and picked it up. “Hello?” She said.

“Kim, it’s me.” Her friend, Jason Lee Scott said. He sounded very sad and close to tears, which was unusual for him. He had to clear his throat before continuing. “I’m calling everyone to come back to Angel Grove. Something has happened.”

“What’s wrong?” Kim immediately asked, figuring it was Rita or Lord Zedd. This was her Pink Ranger instinct kicking in obviously. She was always ready to return to duty.

“Kim, I was hoping I could avoid telling you over the phone. I know Jesse probably isn’t there with you right now and I know you’ll be needing him after I tell you this.” Jason continued. “I just got a call from Mrs. Kwan. She was crying over the phone. Kim, Trini was killed in a car accident yesterday.”

“What?” Kimberly asked, tearfully. “Oh, my gosh.” She forced back tears. “What do you need me to do?”

“I still need to call Tommy, but I don’t have Billy or Zack’s phone numbers. Do you?” Jason asked her.

“Billy just returned from Aquitar as far as I know. Katherine told me the last time I spoke to her. She gave me his new number. He’s living back in Angel Grove. I’m not sure where exactly.” Kimberly said over the phone. She gave Jason Billy’s phone number and offered to call Zack for him.

Jason agreed and said he would call Kat and then meet her in Angel Grove in a couple of days. Then he hung up the phone. He needed to calm himself down before he called both Kat and Tommy. He let out a soft, yet sad sigh, as he made both calls.

Kimberly managed to make the call as soon as she hung up with Jason. Then she dialed her coach’s phone number to say she couldn’t be at practice for several days. A close friend had died and she needed to return home to Angel Grove. He understood completely and offered her his condolences. As soon as they hung up, she began to cry. It was for this reason; she also dialed Jesse’s phone number and hoped he was there. As soon as she heard his voice, she began to cry. She managed to tell him what was wrong and wasn’t too surprised when he was quick in coming to her. She was use to it. By now, she was sitting on her bed in her bedroom and she was sobbing softly. She felt his arms go around her and she continued to sob in his arms. After awhile, she managed to calm down slightly and she asked him to come with her. She was relieved when he said he would. She kissed him softly before getting up and she started to pack some clothes.

He kissed her back and said they would need to go to his hotel before heading to the airport.

Kim nodded and walked over to use the phone again. She called and ordered two plane tickets for them enroute to Angel Grove, California. She used the credit card she was given for emergencies by her mother to pay for them and then hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Jason had just finished speaking to Billy on the phone, who also sounded like he was crying when he heard a familiar voice behind him say, “I heard what happened. I’m really sorry for your loss.” Jason turned quickly around and saw it was none other than Katherine Hillard. “Thanks, Kat.”

“Your welcome.” She said and she came over to him. They met half way and she hugged him. “I know Kim was her best friend. She’s told me about her.”

“Yeah.” He said and cleared his throat. “They were best friends. Even before we all became Power Rangers.”

Kat couldn’t help but be surprised. She didn’t know Jason and Kim were both two of the original Rangers. The look on her face made it obvious she was shocked.

“Yeah. It was originally me, Kim, Trini, Zack, Billy, and Tommy.” Jason said, noticing her look of shock.

Kat nodded, as she listened to Jason talk. She didn’t seem to notice a strange light appear behind Jason and it was golden.

Jason didn’t notice it either. He was too focused on talking to Katherine. The last time he spoke so easily to someone was while he was dating Kimberly, but he knew Kat was with Tommy. He noticed Kat’s eyes focus on something behind him, which made him ask, “What’s wrong?”

Kat had noticed the golden glow behind Jason and was heading toward it.

Jason followed her but he looked worried” ..

Chapter 2

As they got closer, the glow slowly turned red and Jason automatically tensed. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Kat do the same. “I take it you’ve gone up against him before, too.” He noticed she seemed nervous at the same time. It was like she was hiding something. “What?”

“I once worked for Rita before I turned good and became Kimberly’s replacement as Pink Ranger.” Kat admitted, as she glanced back at the red form. It, of course, became the very ugly Lord Zedd.

“That’s in the past though, Kat. You’re good now. That’s all that matters.” Jason said and turned his attention back to Zedd. “What do you want, Zedd?” Jason sounded very angry as he spoke to Lord Zedd.

“I’ve returned to finish what my wife and I started together and now with Zordon dead, you and the others are powerless to stop me.” Zedd said with an evil chuckle.

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you, Zedd. We do have friends who are still Power Rangers.” Tommy said, as he joined Jason and Kat. “You two okay?”

“Yeah, but we’re glad you found us.” Kat couldn’t help but say. She turned her attention back to Zedd, who had started to attack them.

The three former Rangers automatically took a defensive stance and prepared for the attack.

Sensing something was wrong at Angel Grove, Jesse quickly told Kimberly they needed to get there quickly. It was obvious he meant they needed to teleport there instead. He wasn’t too surprised when she quickly agreed and like magic, Jesse stopped time so they could teleport out of there and to Angel Grove within seconds. They reappeared behind some bushes and Jesse led her over to where the others were. “Thought you guys could use some help.” Kimberly quickly said just before glancing at Zedd. “Oh man. Not you again.” She shot him a disgusted look.

“Tough to be the has-been, isn’t it, Kimberly?” Zedd asked her with a loud chuckle. He seemed to be enjoying his taunting her.

“You won’t be laughing for long, Zedd.” Kimberly shot back at him, angrily. She wasn’t too surprised to get confirming nods from the others.

It was just then that they saw a red colored blast come from behind them. They all turned around and stood shocked at five figures approaching. Jason and Tommy shared grins as soon as they saw them. “Kim told you, you wouldn’t be smiling for long, Zedd!” Jason shouted, as the figures came running toward them.

Zedd was shocked as well as unhappy to see them. “Rito said the Earth was unprotected! That dolt!” He yelled angrily.

“Guess again, Zedd.” The one in red said. It was undoubtedly Andros. He quickly tossed Kim the Pink Ranger Morpher and said, “3-3-5 and hit the last button on the pad!”

Kim grinned and nodded, but held back. She didn’t know the morphing call for the Space Rangers. She noticed the Yellow Ranger step forward and she whispered it into her ear. Kimberly nodded and called out, “Let’s Rocket!” She hit the keys on the Morpher pad and within seconds she was morphed as the Pink Ranger.

Jesse watched her with a look of pride on his face. He was proud of his Pink Ranger. He watched as she joined the other Space Rangers. He knew she would undoubtedly ask where Cassie was later on.

“Welcome back, Kimberly!” Ashley Hammond shouted to her from behind her Yellow Ranger helmet.

“Thanks, Ashley.” Kim said as she stood next to her with the other Rangers.

Zedd began to attack each of the six Power Rangers and he continued to for awhile. He showed no signs of slowing down or backing off.

The Rangers continued to fight back despite they were slowly growing tired, but they refused to back down either.

Unfortunately, at that same moment Rito Revolto also appeared and he bellowed, “Guess whose back!!!” He immediately went after Jason and the others.

Not able to use his powers so far out in the open, Jesse said, “We need to find some place safe to go until these guys are taken care of by the Rangers.”

This caught Jason’s attention. “Wait. You knew Kim was a Ranger? How?”

“Let’s get out of here!” Tommy ordered and he led them back inside the Youth Center, while the Rangers continued to fight.

Just before Kat got to the door, Rito grabbed for her and yanked her back outside.

Tommy quickly ran back outside for his girlfriend. He was more than a little worried. He knew she was in danger with them. What he wasn’t counting on was Rito disappearing with her to Lord Zedd’s palace on the moon. “Oh man. This day just got worse.” He let out a soft, yet worried sigh.

Chapter 3

It seemed like hours before the Space Rangers came rushing into the Youth Center. Andros ran in ahead of the others and quickly asked if the former Rangers were all right.

“We need to find some way of finding out where they took Katherine fast.” Tommy insisted, worriedly. He shot Andros a worried look.

“We’ll find her, Tommy. Don’t worry.” Andros said, and the others nodded in agreement. “Unfortunately, the megaship was destroyed, so we’ll have to find another way to track them down.” He let out a soft sigh.

“I know where we can go to track them-my lab in Reefside.” Tommy was quick to say, and he headed for the doorway. “You guys stay here and keep working on the memorial preparations. I’ll be back in a few days.”

“No way, Man. She’s our friend, too.” Jason said and he headed for the door as well.

“Jason, I may be needed in Reefside with the Space Rangers if this gets too bad. You have no powers so I can’t let you go with us.” Kimberly said. “I’m sorry, Jace. Not this time.”

Although he was disappointed, he nodded reluctantly in agreement just before watching the Rangers and Jesse rush out the door.

Meanwhile in Reefside, Ethan James was busy playing a computer game when he received an emergency call on his Morpher from Tommy. Because of how worried Tommy sounded, Ethan was quick at turning his game off and he relayed Tommy’s order to Hayley. She quickly began a trace for Lord Zedd.

Tommy met the Space Rangers in Reefside and led them to his lab just under his house. He wasn’t too surprised to see three of his students hanging out inside the house. He was actually use to it, since they were also his Dino Thunder Rangers. Turning to Conner, Tommy asked, “Where’s Trent?”

“He should be here any minute. He was supposed to meet us here. Ethan contacted us as soon as you did him.” Conner reported to his teacher.

Tommy nodded and the group walked down the stairs to the lab, which was the secret headquarters of the Dino Thunder Rangers. “Any luck yet, Hayley?”

“From what I was able to get so far, they are holding Kat in a cave not far from the beach. Two of you guys should check it out.” She answered.

“Kira and I will go. We need Dr. O. to stay put just in case this is some kind of trap.” Conner said. After getting a quick nod from Tommy, he asked Kira, “Ready?”

Kira Ford nodded, and the two both called out, “Dino Thunder, power up!” In that same instant, they both morphed into their Ranger uniforms. Conner’s was red, Kira’s was yellow.

“Let’s go.” Conner said, and the two rushed outside after hearing Tommy and Hayley both tell them to be careful.

Hayley monitored them the entire time they were gone. Luckily, it wasn’t a trap and Katherine was found inside the cave. She appeared to be unconscious, so they were forced to carry her back with them.

Tommy waited nervously for their arrival and was glad when they returned. Unfortunately, it was also at that moment when Zedd chose to send Rito to pulverize Reefside. “Oh man. This looks like trouble. Since Kat was still unconscious, Tommy didn’t seem too eager to leave, but he knew he had no choice, so he called Ethan over and the two morphed. He also called Trent and had him meet them down town.

At the same time, The Space Rangers remained there just in case backup was needed. They were ready and waiting to jump in and help.

The fighting lasted awhile and they did need the help of the Space Rangers, so they also morphed and rendezvoused with the other Ranger Team and they battled Rito together.

“Hey. This isn’t fair using 11 against 1.” Rito complained. He sounded like a little kid.

“Oh well, Rito.” Kimberly said and couldn’t help, but grin. This sure felt like old times to her.

“Rito!” You’re supposed to be guarding the cave so the Rangers can’t get to Katherine! Now thanks to you, they managed to rescue her! You Dolt!”

“I guess this means you won’t be getting a Christmas present from him this year.” Ashley joked.

“Very funny, Yellow Ranger.” Rito said and he vanished from sight.

“That’s good to know.” They heard suddenly and Tommy automatically grinned. “Come on back.”

“We’re on our way.” Tommy said, and both teams headed back to Tommy’s house. He was happy Katherine was now awake and all right.

Back at the D.T. Headquarters, Jesse was getting the strange looks from Hayley. She had no idea just who this unknown man was or even what he was doing there.

Jesse didn’t seem too comfortable with the way he was being watched. It had been the second time that day that someone had watched him that closely and he didn’t like it one bit” ..

Chapter 4

Hayley was just about to ask who he was when Tommy and the others finally returned. She kept a close eye on him as Tommy made a beeline over to Katherine and he pulled her into his arms for a warm hug.

Kat hugged Tommy back and sighed softly. “I’m okay.” She said softly to him.

“Good.” He said. He slowly let her go and asked, “Is something going on here?” Tommy could tell that Hayley seemed tense, and he was wondering why.

Jesse just stood there in silence. He knew their was no way he could tell them who he was, which was why he was grateful when Kimberly quickly said, “He was just worried about me, Tommy. That’s all.” She had demorphed just before coming inside.

Tommy shook his head in disbelief but said nothing in response. It was obvious he didn’t believe this explanation.

Jesse and Kimberly exchanged looks before a golden glow appeared around Jesse. It was time for them to receive the news. Jesse sighed and said, “I might as well tell you the truth.”

“What the heck?” Tommy said. He looked positively shocked. He looked at the others and noticed they also looked shocked as well. He looked at Kim and asked, “What is he?”

Kimberly faced the others and said, “He’s my Guardian Angel. He was assigned to protect me a long time ago. After we met in Florida, we began falling in love with each other. Now despite how they feel about us being together, we chose to remain together and he continues to watch over me.” She looked worried as soon as she noticed the looks of disbelief on their faces. “It’s true.”

“Wait a minute. If he’s an Angel, that means he is actually…” Tommy began, still shocked.

“Yes.” Was all Kimberly answered. She was standing side by side with Jesse. “That’s how he knows I was once a Power Ranger.” She glanced at each of them. “He would never hurt me, Tommy. I know he wouldn’t. Jesse and I love each other way too much.”

Tommy nodded. “I know.” He could tell by the kind look on Jesse’s face that this was the truth. “If you can keep our secret, you can also trust us with yours.” He walked over and shook Jesse’s hand in friendship.

“Thank you, Tommy.” Jesse said and he shot him a smile.

Tommy grinned back at him.

Jesse glanced over and noticed the kind smile also on Hayley’s face, too. This helped him to relax even more.

Unfortunately, it was just then that Kira said, “Looks like more trouble. Rito is back in town. He’s right outside the Cybersurf.” She shot a worried look toward the other Rangers.

“Oh man. We better get over there.” Tommy said. Then, he looked right at Conner and said, “Let’s do this, Conner.”

Conner quickly nodded and stepped forward, “You guys ready?”

“Ready!” Both teams of Rangers replied.

“Dino Thunder, Power Up!” The Dino Thunder Rangers called out in unison. They instantly morphed.

“White Ranger, Dino Power!” Trent called out at the same time.

Meanwhile at the same time along with Kimberly, the Space Rangers also called out, “Let’s Rocket!” In unison, they punched in the code to morph and quickly did.

As soon as they did, both team rushed outside and went into battle mode. After finding Rito, they began to fight against him. At the same time, they also had to battle both Putty Patrol and Tengas, which made the battle even worse.

Meanwhile in a lone cavern on the other side of Reefside by the ocean was a prison cell that was lit up in neon pink force field. Inside the cell passed out was none other than a badly beaten Cassie Chan. The Pink Space Ranger. Her cell was being guarded by Goldar and another army of Tengas.

Chapter 5

Both teams fought hard against Rito and easily won. They noticed Rito seemed to be keeping them deliberately in town. They just didn’t know why. This had both Tommy and Andros curious as to why, but they didn’t ask. They were too busy fighting him. After awhile, the Space Rangers broke off from their fight as the Dino Thunder Rangers kept Rito busy in town. Tommy said into his Morpher, “Hayley, see if you can find out why we are purposely being kept here in town.”

“I’m on it.” Hayley said and she began to search for the cause. It didn’t take long before she said to Andros, “I found Cassie. She’s in a cell inside a cavern. I’ll send you the coordinates.” She did just after.

“Thanks, Hayley. Let’s go, Guys.” Andros said and they hurried to the coordinates. It wasn’t long before they encountered Goldar and they stood ready to fight.

“Well, I see it didn’t take long for you to find a replacement Pink Ranger there.” Goldar said and growled.

“I can still take you, Goldar!” Kimberly shouted from behind her helmet.

“Well well well. If it isn’t little Kimmy.” Goldar said angrily. He growled as he moved closer, so Andros moved in closer to cover Kimberly a little better. So did both T.J. and Carlos.

“I’d watch my mouth if I were you, Goldar.” Kimberly said, angrily. Underneath her pink Space Ranger helmet, she was scowling hard. “I’m no Ranger to fool around with.”

Goldar chose that moment to advance on her and attack. He dodged a kick from both Carlos and T.J. He was hit by a punch by Andros and knocked off of his feet. “You’ll pay for that, Red Ranger.” He growled angrily.

“Save it for someone who actually cares, Goldar.” Andros shot back at him and they continued to fight. He motioned for both Kim and Ashley to rush inside the cavern and they did.

Ashley was the first to find Cassie in the cavern. She rushed over to her unconscious friend and searched for some way to unlock the cell. “Kim, you see any type of key lying around? Cassie looks badly beaten.”

Kim looked around and spotted a gold colored key on the ground not far from the cell. She quickly picked it up and tossed it to Ashley. “Ash, catch!”

Ashley easily caught it and managed to unlock the cell. Both female Rangers carried Cassie out of the cavern and met up with Tommy, who had shown up to help the guys outside but since Goldar had run off to keep himself from being destroyed. They headed back to Tommy’s lab and met up with Kat and the others.

Jesse was in there already and he was waiting for Kimberly. He looked pleased to see she was all right and he greeted her with a warm hug as soon as she demorphed. She handed the Morpher to Andros.

“Thanks for helping us out, Kim.” Andros said, gratefully to her. He shot her a smile.

“Your welcome, Andros.” Kimberly said and sighed. It was time to return back home to Angel Grove. She looked at Tommy to see if he and Kat were ready to return as well and he saw them nod. What she was shocked to discover is that all of the Rangers and former Rangers were planning to attend Trini’s memorial because Trini had once been a Power Ranger herself. They all headed back to Angel Grove.

Meanwhile back at Angel Grove, it was four hours until the memorial was to begin and several other former Rangers had shown up. Among them were; Adam, Billy, Zach, Tanya, Carter and the rest of Lightspeed, and all six Time Force Rangers along with Alex.

Jason was rushing around trying to finish last minute details before it was time to begin. He stopped long enough to glance at the huge framed picture of Trini Zach had brought with him. In it, she is smiling and wearing a bright yellow outfit she had bought at the mall after shopping with Kimberly. Jason shot the picture a sad smile and cleared his throat. He jumped slightly when he felt a comforting hand being placed on his shoulder. He turned around and was shocked to see who it was” .

Chapter 6

“Geez, Tanya. You scared the crap out of me.” Jason said. He got a worried smile from his friend.

“I’m sorry, Jason. You look like you could use a friend right now, so I thought I’d come over and see how you’re holding up.” She glanced around, not seeing, Kim, Tommy, or the others. “They aren’t back yet?”

Jason shook his head and tried to force a smile, but it didn’t work. “No, not yet. I’m getting worried, Tanya. They should have been back by now and its six and a half hours until the memorial is due to start. Kim was her best friend, so I know Trini would of wanted her to be here.”

“Look, Jase. Don’t force it away if your sad. It‘s understandable that you are.” Tanya said. Then she hugged him.

Jason hugged her back and didn’t let her go yet. This was due to the fact he was now sobbing softly against Tanya’s shoulder. He turned as soon as he heard the others enter the Youth Center. He seemed relieved to see Kimberly and Jesse walk in holding hands. “Boy am I glad to see you guys.” He said. He wiped his eyes quickly on his shirt sleeve and shot them an embarrassed smile.

Kim saw him as they walked in and she let go of Jesse’s hand so she could go over to him. She gave him a friendly hug and she also began to cry in his arms. This turned out to be the first of many times she did sob during the memorial.

The entire ceremony began with each of Trini’s closest friends stepping forward and saying a few words about their deceased friend. Kim was the last to speak, of course. Then, several of the different Yellow Rangers spoke a few words about the original Yellow Ranger, as well as how they felt knowing Trini had died. This proved to be just as difficult. This was mostly due to the fact the original Ranger who replaced her was still in Africa. That of course, was Aisha Campbell. Aisha had chosen to remain in Africa, but she did receive word about Trini’s death and it had hit her hard as well. After the memorial at the Youth Center, they all chose to head to the cemetery to pay their final respects to Trini at her gravesite.

At first, it was each member of the teams, minus the Yellow Rangers. They followed the teams and paused for a brief moment to say their goodbyes. After they had each left, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team was left, along with Tommy to say their own goodbyes. First person to step forward carrying a yellow rose carefully in his right hand was Tommy. He placed the rose carefully by Trini’s headstone and walked away. He was followed by Jason, who also placed a yellow rose on Trini’s headstone. Then, Billy followed this action and then Zach.

Jesse chose to walk up with Kimberly and remained there with her as she placed her pink rose on her best friend’s headstone. She sniffled and let out a soft sob as she stared at Trini’s headstone. On it was written;

Trini Kwan: Friend and Hero

After a few moments, Kim began to cry and had to be led away by Jesse, who took her back to the Youth Center where the others had regathered. They remained there and reminisced for the rest of the evening and well into the night.

Meanwhile on the surface of the moon, Zedd was busy yelling at Goldar and Rito for messing another assault on Earth. He was planning another assault…..for very soon…………


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